Your Galactic Mission Book and Sets by LEGO Sets


The book and new series of LEGO sets

In the updated AMEET online catalog, construction fans have found absolutely new LEGO book “Your galactic mission”. As we have already said, the official publishing house plans to release a wide range of literature on Lego constructors for 2022. However, among the previously announced books on popular topics with exclusive sets, mini-assemblies and minifigures, this novelty was not specifically mentioned. Now AMEET has included it in the publisher’s production calendar.

From the looks of it, the LEGO book Your Galactic Mission is going to be special compared to the rest. It will initially come with “Mission Cards”, with which the owner of the book will be able to create their own space stories. Comes with 201 LEGO building bricks and 2 minifigures, universe quest maps and a galaxy guide to play out exciting adventures. You have to defeat the insidious Cybercobra and protect the planet Aurora from enemy invasion.

The book contains ideas and tutorials on how to build models with both the parts included in the kit and using additional elements from other Lego sets.

The LEGO book Your Galactic Mission is scheduled for release in the third quarter.

Your Galactic Mission book and sets by LEGO sets



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