World LEGO Build Day 2021 was December 27th


The Danish company organized December 27th Lego Build Day, or by the original name LEGO Build Day. This “family” event is held annually on New Year’s Eve. Although the organizer calls it a world holiday, in fact it does not involve public gatherings at all, as it is purely a family one.

Numerous building fans around the world are invited to get the building blocks of old or newly purchased sets on the same day. Then get together with the whole family in the living room, children’s room or kitchen and devote the evening to collective creativity.

At the same time, each family independently decides what and how to collect – full scope for fantasies. Models from Lego blocks can be large and small, simple and complex. Completely new structures are built or old ones are rebuilt, for example, an original panda hammock is created from a spaceship.

Dozens of fans of the “world of bricks” took the advice of a Danish company on a single build day and posted pictures of their collectively created models on social networks under the hashtag #LEGOBuildDay. Thus, each participant of the festive event had the opportunity to present his creation to all lovers of design.

December 27th Lego Build Day


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