Workshop of the Mandalorian Blacksmith from the world of LEGO


According to preliminary information, Lego has scheduled a relatively small number of premiere releases for September. However, these designers will no doubt arouse increased interest. Especially new items that replenish the old thematic series. For example, sets dedicated to Star Wars.

Lego’s most successful themed collection gets a new boost this month. To the three sets released since the beginning of 2021, one more set is being added – LEGO Star Wars 75319 Mandalorian Smith’s Workshop.

The owner of the game set is given the opportunity to build a detailed Gunsmith’s workshop. The location includes a variety of blacksmithing equipment in the form of a removable forge with elements of fire, a rotating exhaust hood and a crucible, a holocron, and various devices. There is also a table for concluding a deal with a secret department, and a cabinet for storing finished weapons. All this will allow you to recreate the scene from Star Wars when Din Djarin comes to the forge to order a new set of weapons.

The exclusive new items for 2021 from this set will be a real gift – three miniature figures: the Mandalorian Blacksmith, Paz Vizsla and the Mandalorian. Also of great interest will be the cool weapons and accessories that the characters of the game set are endowed with. In particular, a special Mandalorian rifle and two jetpacks.

Workshop of the Mandalorian Blacksmith


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