Will there be a new Star Wars tank?


According to Western bloggers, in 2022 it is planned to replenish the popular Star Wars series with new designers. In particular, information was leaked about the release of an updated version of the Respublika fighter tank.

Recall that the designers of the Danish manufacturer of designers have already addressed the image of this combat vehicle twice. Previously, models of the destroyer tank were presented in kits under the article numbers 7679, which was released in 2008, and 75182, in 1917. That is, quite a lot of time has passed. Therefore, information about the re-release deserves attention.

What exactly will be the new combat vehicle from a science fiction film is still unknown. Bloggers suggest that it will be an improved version of the last tank in all respects. First of all, construction fans expect the new model to be larger in size than its predecessor. Secondly, they assume maximum detail in order to bring the design closer to the on-screen prototype.

It is also reported that the package of the “star” designer will include 3 miniature figures: two clone soldiers and one paratrooper from the 187th Legion of the Republican Army, well-known to fans of the Star Wars movie saga.


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