Will there be a new set of collectible LEGO Marvel minifigures


A message is circulating on the Internet about the second set of collectible Marvel minifigures, which the Danish company Lego plans to release in early 2022. According to most commentators, this would be a very logical continuation of the themed series with LEGO Marvel characters.

The last officially recognized collection in this line was the set LEGO Marvel Studios 71031 with 12 cool miniature superhero figures. Now, if the disseminated information is confirmed, then collectors will have the opportunity to further expand their home collections with new exhibits.

Figurines, which specific heroes will be reflected in the proposed collection set – is still unknown. Construction fans believe that the kit will be based on the plots of new films. For example, on the script of the film “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, which premiered just on the big screens of cinemas around the world. There are enough characters in this movie that have never appeared in Lego bricks.

However, commentators do not exclude the fact that the minifigures of the new set may represent the heroes of films whose premieres are only scheduled for 2022.


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