Will the “time machine” return in 2022


The Promobricks blog has reported that Lego will release a set for adults with a car model in 2022 DeLorean, or translated “DeLorean”. For many young people, this name may be unfamiliar, which is not surprising. The alleged designer returns to the mid-80s of the last century, when the first film from the cult trilogy hit the cinema screens “Back to the Future”.

It was there that this fantastic machine appeared before the audience for the first time, allowing the characters of the film to move in time. According to the plot, at first the main character accidentally finds himself in 1955 and meets his still young future parents there, then, in the second part of the trilogy, he “flies” to 2015! With the advent of the new prefabricated model of the “time machine”, modern youth will have a reason to watch this good old film, from which parents and grandparents are “fans”!

According to the author of the note, the set will be released in April under the article number 10300. The number of parts of the designer is not reported, but the cost of the set will be 169.99 euros. It is assumed that the new model will not be identical to what it was in the set that came out 8 years ago. The refurbished version, with the familiar “OUTATIME” license plate, features a detailed replica of the “time machine” from the first and second films in the trilogy. It is said that along with the usual opening doors to the salon, hood and trunk, the wheels of the car will fold under the bottom of the car to DeLorean acquired a “flying structure” for time travel. It is expected that many accessories and items characteristic of that time will be included in the package. Minifigures of heroes, most likely, will not be included in the set of a modular toy.

Some commentators have expressed doubts about the reality of the release of this constructor with a DeLorean car model. And there are reasons for this: such information about him appeared back in April – then they promised that the designer was scheduled for 2021. Therefore, time will tell how reliable the new rumors are.


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