Will the Lego fan’s insect collection idea make it to the finals


set idea LEGO Insects in an ongoing open competition on the website of the Danish company LEGO Ideas, it received the required 10,000 votes from construction fans. This project will be the 14th entry to be considered by an expert jury in the first Idea Review of 2022.

The author of the unique proposal is a construction fan under the nickname hachiroku24, or otherwise Chema. The 28-year-old Spaniard reportedly earns his living running a Lego themed YouTube channel. He has 296 thousand subscribers! In 2014, he began exhibiting his first designs on the LEGO Ideas platform. However, his ideas did not gain more than 2500 votes. Only in 2019, Chema received the support of the coveted “10 thousand” on the idea of ​​”Portal 2 GLaDOS against Chell and Whitley.”

And now the second work of the Spaniard with the idea of ​​​​producing a designer with a collection of insects entered the next stage of the competition. The author had to wait for this event for a whole year – the project was put up for discussion in February 2021.

Interestingly, the original idea of ​​a Spanish construction fan was to create a figurine of a honey bee. This creative work fascinated him so much that he decided to continue working on other species. Additionally, the blue morphophote butterfly, the Hercules beetle, the Asian ladybug and the European praying mantis appeared. This is how, in the end, a whole collection of insects was selected, which look quite interesting and quite realistic.

All who liked this collection of insects can only wait for the decision of the competent jury. But now this idea has a lot of its fans.


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