Which pillow is best for a newborn baby and babies from 1, 2 and 3 years old


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From the moment of birth, parents surround the baby with love and care. They carefully choose accessories for the children’s room. Pediatricians advise to carefully approach the purchase of pillows on which the child will sleep. The product for the crib provides comfort and promotes the proper formation of the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic elements are recommended for children from 1 to 3 years. We share our expertise and advice based on the opinions of pediatricians, orthopedists and consumers.


  1. Do newborns need a pillow?
  2. What pillow to choose for a baby from 1 year
  3. What pillow to choose for children from 2-3 years old

What is the best pillow for a newborn baby

Does a newborn need a pillow?

The first question that should be dealt with is whether the baby needs a pillow at all. Parents often choose accessories and furniture based on their appearance, not caring about the medical and physical aspects. Meanwhile, orthopedists and pediatricians warn that newborns can easily do without an orthopedic pillow. A diaper is enough for babies, because at such an early age the slightest impact can lead to bone displacement.

However, doctors do not put forward strict prohibitions and there are situations when an orthopedic pillow helps a baby, for example, with frequent regurgitation. Doctors advise laying the head slightly higher than the body.

The position recommended by pediatricians for a sleeping newborn is on the side. In this position, conditions are created for the proper formation of muscles and bones in the early stages of life. The child in this position breathes freely, and in case of sudden regurgitation, no problems arise. If he is not able to lie on his side on his own and rolls over, then a small pillow will help him.

Recommendations for choosing orthopedic pillows for babies:

  1. the child requires a pillow with a hypoallergenic filler, standard fluff and wool will not work under any circumstances;
  2. safe materials approved by pediatricians are polyurethane foam and latex;
  3. a pillow for a child who is not able to lie on his side on his own should be moderately hard, it needs to hold an angle of inclination of 30about;
  4. if the baby prefers to sleep on his tummy, then a safe pillow made of sponge material that allows air to pass through is required (there is no chance of blocking access to oxygen).

To fix the child’s body in the desired position, “positioning pillows” with a thickness of 4-5 cm are used. The model is made in the form of two rollers placed under the baby’s head and sides.

The information provided is useful for parents caring for a newborn baby. It gives an understanding that the pillow needs to be selected taking into account the physical characteristics – size, shape, material characteristics. We remind you that if this is not done, then it is generally better not to buy a pillow for a newborn, because it will only get worse.

What pillow to choose for a baby from 1 year old?

pillow for baby 1 year old

Up to a year, the primary formation of the bone skeleton and muscle tissues occurs, but after 1 year, the baby is already accustomed to sleeping on a pillow and with a separate blanket. Parents should not worry that it will lead to a curvature of the spine. This does not happen, especially if you choose the right orthopedic accessories. By the behavior of the baby, it is often clear that they want to sleep like adults and refuse diapers, sleeping overalls and other things.

If it’s time to move your baby to your own pillow, do it wisely. Based on the expert assessment of orthopedists and pediatricians, a complete instruction for the selection of pillows for children from 1 year old has been formed:

  1. at an early age, the child already needs a separate pillow, but it should not be too large;
  2. the average pillow for a 1 year old baby is a product about 40×60 cm in size;
  3. special attention is paid to the materials of manufacture and filler, fluff and wool are prohibited for children, and only sheep’s wool is allowed from natural components;
  4. An alternative to traditional manufacturing materials is buckwheat husks, rice fillers and other natural ingredients that create a massage and relaxing effect.

Fillers become the main criterion. Pillows with buckwheat husks make a pleasant rustling, distracting the baby from the environment. Thanks to the sounds and massage effect, he falls asleep much faster. Another common option is synthetic winterizer and its analogues. The advantages of the material are elasticity, resistance to deformation, breathability. Products support the child’s head in the correct position and do not block the access of oxygen under unforeseen circumstances.

What pillow to choose for children from 2-3 years old?

pillow for a child from 2 to 3 years

A child at the age of three shows independence and sleeps even on ordinary beds without special children’s accessories. This is reflected in the choice of pillows and other accessories. In terms of shape, dimensions and features of materials, such products differ from those recommended for one-year-old children.

We highlight the following criteria for young parents:

  1. hypoallergenic materials always come first, so you should still exclude feather, down and wool from the list of acceptable fillers;
  2. additional attention is worthy of thermal, antibacterial and antiseptic treatment, so look for relevant information;
  3. locks and elements that leave marks on the skin and cling to the hair, immediately exclude;
  4. the child needs products that meet orthopedic requirements, so the pillows need moderately elastic;
  5. elasticity is accompanied by shape retention, so any pillows should be quickly smoothed out;
  6. the height of the pillow corresponds to the height of the child’s shoulders, be sure to make sure that the head and spine are at the same level (difference no more than 1 cm).

Do not forget that any orthopedic pillow is selected primarily for the child, so it should be comfortable and safe. In pursuit of dry figures of characteristics, one should not forget about the convenience of the baby.

The main aspects that orthopedists and pediatric therapists pay attention to are hypoallergenicity, correct dimensions, and elasticity. If you choose a pillow that is too large or soft, it will only hurt your spine.

Before buying, examine the upholstery and filler. For children under 2 years old, fillers made of synthetic winterizer or other synthetic material are excellent because of their lightness, elasticity and durability. Buckwheat husk is recognized as a good alternative. It is comfortable, elastic, and also makes soothing sounds and provides a massage effect.

A lot of trouble falls on the shoulders of parents, so you should think about cleaning the pillow. The easiest way to use covers and pillowcases, which are easily removed and washed in the machine. This approach saves the pillow itself and significantly extends the service life. You should not buy expensive models, because they are not superior in performance to cheap counterparts. Pillows “for growth” and “with a margin” are not required and often even harm the natural development of the musculoskeletal tissues of a one-year-old child.


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