“Lego World” is a toy land of fun, built from a designer. In total, there are 8 amusement parks around the world that do not leave indifferent neither children nor adults.

The feature of the Igromirs is that all the buildings are made of Legov parts. They are bright, look unusual, and therefore attract the attention of visitors. We will tell you more about the sights of the world Legoland in the article.

Attractions in Legoland

The carousels are divided into sections with notes about height and age restrictions. Thematic zones are replicas of famous landmarks.

  1. For kids – expanse: observation towers, funny trains, mini versions of roller coasters, countless playgrounds.
  2. For older children, entertainment is cooler. You can assemble a racing car from Lego, and then go into all serious races with other participants.

The only thing that overshadows is the cost of tickets. Expensive (prices are listed in the article below). But you can save 40 euros if you take a family ticket on the official website ten days before visiting Legoland.

The most famous Lego parks in the world

The world’s first Legoland was built in Denmark in 1968. And the events of the 30s preceded that – when the carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen began to make wooden toys with wheels. They bought up well, so the family business gained momentum and modernized.

In the 50s, they began to make parts of various shapes from plastic, which were connected to each other. The father’s business was continued by the son of Kirk, and opened his own center, made of a designer, not far from the Lego factory.

But let’s not retell what is already known. Let’s focus on the details in which countries there is Legoland and why these places are remarkable, full of fun and enthusiasm.

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Legoland in Billund (Denmark)

It was in Denmark that the Lego constructor appeared. Therefore, it is not surprising that the world’s first Legoland amusement park was founded in Billund at Nordmarksvej 9, 7190 Billund, Denmark.

Fun place in Billund

The atmosphere of the designer can be felt right at the airport, which was also built by LEGO. It is better to get to Billund by car or plane, as there is no railway. It is also possible to take a bus that stops at the airport. If you get to the city from another country, it is better to follow the E45 motorway.

The Danish Center has 46 million parts from which the installations are made. It is the largest of all Legoland parks for recreation. Its highlight is the Polyus attractions.

There are 9 thematic zones.

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Legoland in Günzburge (Germany)

The entertainment center in Günzburg was founded in May 2002. It is located at: Legoland-Allee 3, 89312 Günzburg. On its territory there are 55 attractions made of 56 million parts. The scale of the installations is astonishing.

Amusement park in Germany for adults and children

In German Legoland, there are seven zones for entertainment.
1. Lego City
There is a children’s driving school from Hyundai. Cars are designed for children aged 3 to 6 years. The single-pedal mechanism is easy to operate and allows you to control the speed. Children 7-13 years old can take a course in the training of a “young fighter” on a real car. After successfully passing the exam, it is possible to get a real driver’s license and drive a car on a highway with traffic lights.
2. Zone of Imagination
In the center is a 50-meter observation tower overlooking the amusement park. To see the beauty, you need to sit in a cabin with chairs and watch the views, as in a viewing wheel.
There is a huge dragon on the territory, which pours water on visitors.
Boys can visit the Football Celebrity Gallery.
3. Extreme zone
Here is the Project X slide for thrill seekers.
Wearing virtual reality glasses, you can compete for first place in the races of the Lego universe.
For those who like to splash and shoot with water pistols, there is a carousel on the water.
Also in the zone there is a room for games on the computer and a 4D cinema. On the sides of the carousel are the Lego Academy, where you can build your own toy model.
Despite the extreme entertainment, there is an opportunity to visit the relaxation zone – an aquarium-tunnel 8 meters long. The aquarium is inhabited by different types of fish that swim between the figures from the designer.
4. Habitat of knights
A moderately steep hill has been built, where adults and children are given the opportunity to ride on a dragon releasing a flame. Also, young seekers can find “gold” in a small mine.
5. Adventure Zone
Climbing to the top of a volcano, walking in a real jungle, canoeing, driving a jeep in a Safari – all this is possible in the adventure zone. And from the top of the volcano it will be possible to slide down if you are not afraid of a 12-meter height.
Hyperactive toddlers can climb and jump on the playground.
A theater with exciting performances was built for cultural recreation.
6. The world of ninjas, pirates and the kingdom of the pharaohs
Children can fight in a sea battle defending themselves with water pistols and machine guns. Who wants to fight for treasures – the road to the X-pedition temple. There, at the entrance, infrared pistols are issued. The most courageous will have to overcome a big eater and visit a 4D attraction with special effects.
7. Miniland – miniature park
To see the entire park, it is worth taking a ride on the railway. Many sights are exact copies of the central square of Berlin Alexanderplatz, Berlin Cathedral, Red Town Hall, etc.

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Legoland in Windsor (UK)

Windsor Park was built in March 1996. His address is Winkfield Rd, Windsor SL4 4AY.

Carousels are mostly interesting for children under 12 years old. Suitable for families to ride. Especially here it is fun and festive solemnly on holidays. So, on Halloween, the park is decorated with spiders and witchers made from construction kits. It looks funny, and does not oppress at all.

On the Chinese New Year, little men walk around Legoland – in the image and likeness of Lego. They dance in the style of dragons and lions.

Legoland in the UK

Windsor Amusement Park is divided into themed areas:

  • the beginning – shops and the railway are located;
  • then Miniland – where visitors can look at the sights of the country in miniature;
  • then Duplo Valley – a playground on the water and a small airport for children and adults;
  • on the territory of Lego City there are two driving schools for young drivers;
  • in the town of Heartlake, it is worth visiting an attraction made in the form of a pendulum. The performances of pirates are reminiscent of mega shows that remain in memory for a long time;
  • the kingdom of the pharaohs is famous for its small Ferris wheel, consisting of 8 booths, and a place to play PlayStation;
  • on the land of the Vikings, it is worth taking a ride on the carousel in the cave of a large spider;
  • on the territory of the monastery of the knights, you can ride a roller coaster, sitting on dragons;
  • a ship in the form of a pendulum will instantly deliver to the pirate shores;
  • and in the center of the imagination, you can ride in trailers on the railway, where views of the local landscapes open.

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Legoland in California (USA)

California Park opened its doors at One Legoland Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008 in March 1999. On the territory of the “Land of Fun” there is a large aquarium, where more than five thousand fish live.

An adult ticket (from 13 years old) can be purchased for 100-110 dollars, and a child ticket for 95-105 bucks. Children under 3 years old can visit the amusement park absolutely free.

You can even charge your phone on the territory for three dollars. The cost of storing things is 10 bucks.

California fun center entrance

The water park is open only during the warm season, the entrance to which is from the Fan Tavn theme area. In the aqua zone are located:

  • slide Orange breakthrough with rafting;
  • curved water attractions;
  • a slide from which you can slide down on a pirate ship;
  • wave pool;
  • a lazy river where Lego pieces float;
  • water zones.

On Dino Island (one of the themed areas) you can meet a walking dinosaur. And small seekers will be able to search for the remains of fossil pangolins.

Legoland Florida (USA)

The Florida Children’s Castle is located at 1 Legoland Way Winter Haven, FL 33884. It opened in 2011. On the territory of the park there is a botanical garden, 50 attractions, a play area, a pirate bay, a fun city, a large water park and many other amusements.

The ticket price for a day is almost $85 if booked in advance. On the day of arrival – 125 bucks.

Attractions in the aqua zone are designed for visitors with a height above 1.22 meters. The most popular slides are Kamikaze and Boni slides of the spiral type, which have a large angle of inclination, allowing you to develop high speed during the descent with splashes and adrenaline rush.

Lego Park in Florida is already waiting for visitors

For kids there is a separate area in the water park with a town for games and water fun. There are slides of various shapes and sizes, as well as ladders, descents on ropes. For the very young, a paddling pool has been built, where children can be supervised by adults. The atmosphere of a real seaside resort is given by the palm trees that surround the area.

Legoland in Malaysia

The Malaysian Center was founded in 2012. Legoland is divided into 7 thematic zones and is designed for children aged 2-12 years. On the territory of the center there is a water park, an aquarium, a hotel and 70 attractions with carousels and slides that children can control on their own: you just need to press the pedals to control the speed or brake system.

The park is divided into 7 zones:

  • a children’s town where kids can learn how to drive cars; an abandoned place where pharaohs and dinosaurs live;
  • laboratory for little inventors;
  • collection of sights of Europe;
  • the kingdom of mythical times and others.

Malaysian Legoland is ready to welcome guests

Adults and children will be able to visit the tour, which takes 1.5 hours. The price includes transfer with an English speaking guide. The park is open until 18:45.

For children under two years old, the tour is free of charge.

Address: 7, Jln Legoland, 79100 Nusajaya, Johor.

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Legoland in the UAE

Dubai entertainment center is considered one of the largest in the world. Part of a large hotel complex. Not only tourists come to Legoland to have fun, but also locals.

The center is divided into two zones – a water park where you can ride water slides and swim in the pool, and an amusement park.

Amusement park in Dubai

Rest in the park is designed for the whole day. On the territory there are shops and stalls selling souvenirs. You can have lunch and dinner in a cafe of different directions: fast food, ice cream and full meals.

Aquazone is designed for children from 2 to 12 years old. There is a wave pool, water slides in the amount of 20 pieces, recreation areas with umbrellas and sun loungers.

Address: LEGOLAND Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road.

Legoland in Japan

On April 1, 2017, the first Legoland in Japan opened in Nagoya. It took more than 10.5 Lego pieces to build the entertainment center.

In addition to rides and slides, visitors are fascinated by interesting edible dishes prepared in the form of Lego cubes. You can try them in a cafe while admiring the sea view.

legoland in japan

Young visitors will be able to ride a go-kart, participate in an underwater tour, see marine life and ride a roller coaster.

In the zone called Miniland, adults and children will be able to see the sights from the entire district of Japan.

Address: LEGOLAND Japan Limited, 2-2-1 Kinjoufutou, Minato Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 455-8605, Japan.

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