When will the new LEGO minifigures be available?


A recent demonstration of a Lego educational video created quite a stir among building enthusiasts. The film is dedicated to the joint project of the Danish manufacturer with NASA and the Artemis I mission to the Moon. It features a collaboration to create a series of new STEAM interactive digital lessons that span science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

So meticulous viewers noticed that the film shows the latest miniature LEGO Classic figures. Based on what they saw, many bloggers suggested that already at the beginning of 2022, the first updated Lego minifigures are expected to appear in the designers. In particular, in the so-called “space” sets of the urban series – 60348 LEGO Lunokhod, 60349 LEGO Lunar Space Station and 60350 LEGO Lunar Research Base, which we mentioned in earlier news. Such an exit is made according to the little men shown in the following picture.

When will the new LEGO minifigures be available?

The minifigures in orange suits represent the astronauts, while those in blue suits represent ground control. All three characters are united by space symbols on the chest in the form of a globe with a flying rocket.

But whether these miniature figures are directly related to the designers remains to be seen. It is possible that these characters were created exclusively for the STEAM curriculum.


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