What’s New for Lego Customers in August

The coming August for fans of the “world of cubes” will be unusual in many ways. In addition to the appearance of many unusual and exciting constructors, everyone is in for a big holiday!

As you know, on August 10, the Danish manufacturer of designers Lego will celebrate its 90th anniversary. And from 1:00 on the first of August, the sale of numerous new products started. Therefore, if compared with the relatively quiet July – in terms of the release of new sets and holidays in July, then August will be very rich in surprises

The past July, indeed, turned out to be not rich in new sets. At the same time, in August 2022, the company will offer its customers over 40 fresh designers. Most prefabricated models will please adult builders lego. In honor of its anniversary, the company has relaunched old projects that were voted for by construction fans in a special poll.

Among them, the grandiose set promises to be the most attractive. 10305 LEGO ICONS Lion Knights Castle, created on the basis of a similar project in 1978. The modern version of the medieval castle looks quite impressive. When assembled, the dimensions of the amazing structure are:

  • more than 38 cm in height,
  • 44 cm wide,
  • 33 cm deep.

Moreover, this is not a simple building, but a well-thought-out design with many medieval secrets and traps. The castle will turn out to be not only large in size, but also incredibly lively, because it features the inhabitants of a mini-town in the amount of 22 minifigures. A more detailed overview of the constructor 10305 LEGO ICONS Lion Knights Castle already on our website.

No less interest of fans is the designer 10497 LEGO ICONS Galaxy Explorerwhich was also selected in a survey of Lego lovers and is based on an old prototype released in 1979.

Along with the above-mentioned exclusives, construction fans are waiting for new items in the Star Wars, Marvel and other popular series. Everything indicates that the Danish company has tried to make August a special month, memorable with new designers and festive mood. However, not only because she is celebrating her 90th birthday. Most likely, this is an attempt to somehow divert the attention of consumers from thoughts about the upcoming increase in prices for Lego products.

Recall that from August 1, kit fans living in America and Australia have already begun to buy kits at new price tags. Buyers of prefabricated sets living in the European territory will be affected by the increase in the cost of “brick” toys at the end of the anniversary events – in September 2022.

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