One-year-olds are little explorers, they put everything in their mouths. They are interested in carrying, pushing, unconsciously “copying” the behavior of mom and dad. Of course, entertainment depends on the character and temperament. But, it would be wise to direct their enthusiasm to the development of logic and enterprise. We offer toys that will be an excellent option for a gift to a child in 1 year.

Developing game center

It is a complex for early development, which can not only interest the baby, but also bring him maximum benefit. Bright, cheerful and often musical fun is equipped with buttons, balls, hammers, levers, ropes, sorters. The rattling trifle develops logical thinking, color perception, ear for music and works on coordination of movements.

Development Center

There are three types:

  1. Musical
    By the sounds made, the baby will learn to distinguish between the voices of animals and the noise of nature.
  2. In the form of a wheelchair
    The child will pull-push, improving walking skills.
  3. Interactive
    It provides musical buttons, sorters, abacus and moving parts, when interacting with which the one-year-old develops thinking and fine motor skills.

The developing center will be a great gift for an inquisitive kid. Due to the many details and elements, each new game will bring emotions.

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Assistive devices allow the baby to take the first independent steps, give confidence in undertakings. They provide support and support at the same time. Models with a game panel will be able not only to exercise in walking, but also to develop the baby, providing him with an interesting pastime.

The device helps to strengthen muscles and develop walking skills. But you should not lay all the responsibility on this miracle invention, but you need to know a few features about it:

  • The optimal age for walkers is considered to be 6-8 months;
  • if the baby is overweight, you need to teach him to walk only after a preliminary course of massage;
  • small deviations in the development of the hip joints can lead to negative consequences.

classic walkers

You need to accustom the baby to the simulator in stages, starting with 3-5 minutes a day. The maximum time is 50 minutes. If the child is confident on his feet, you can switch to tolokars.

When choosing a walker for a small fidget, one should take into account its weight and height, as well as a number of design features of the toy:

  1. Frame. It is made from high quality plastic. It is worth taking a closer look at the base of a rectangular shape, such models are more stable and turn over less often.
  2. Wheels. In the classic version there are 4 of them, there will be more – good. Silicone is the main material. It is practical, silent and does not damage floor coverings. If there are stoppers, great. If necessary, they will make the structure motionless.
  3. Seat. Choose wide and deep with adjustable back for more security. The textile part must be removed for washing.
  4. table top is removable and stationary. Manufacturers offer a wide range of products with development tools.

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On the tolokar, the baby will be able to ride, pushing off the ground with his legs. Such a gift will be useful only if the child already knows how to walk.

Device advantages:

  • the body is brightly colored (there are models in the form of cartoon characters) and immediately arouses the interest of the baby;
  • execution material – high-quality and safe plastic. Parental handle included to assist in control;
  • a variety of game accessories: light bulbs, musical elements, etc., which will make the walk more interesting.

A clear minus is a tight steering wheel and narrow protrusions for the legs, however, these are rather shortcomings of specific models.

Tolokar for a boy

Such a gift makes the child physically resilient (after all, in order to accelerate, you should push off well with your legs), contributes to the development of coordination and imagination. In addition, at such a young age, the baby can feel like a real driver, like mom or dad. Tolokar is suitable for active, energetic children.

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Soft musical toy

A musical toy develops creativity, helps to match objects with sounds and concentrate.

musical toy

When choosing which toys to give a child for 1 year, it is better to pay attention to colorful, soft, with many decorative elements and textures. This option will not only be interesting, but also safe for the crumbs. Sintepukh and holofiber are suitable as a filler. Both are hypoallergenic and keep their shape for a long time. Make sure that only the speaker is outside, and the wires and batteries are hidden inside.

Rocking chair

A multifunctional device that has become a modern lifesaver.

rocking chair

Models are characterized by:

  • The motion sickness mode, which allows you to put the baby to day or night sleep. Depending on the configuration, the function can be manual or automatic. In the first case, motion sickness occurs with the help of arcs that act as a support, and in the second – due to the electronic unit.
  • Backrest adjustment and folding table. These options contribute to the comfortable placement of the baby during feeding and play.
  • The anatomical shape of the seat provides the necessary support for the spine when the baby plays or rests. This eliminates the possibility of curvature of the spine.
  • Many hanging toys captivate the baby.

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The play area, fenced on all sides, allows the baby to actively explore the world in complete safety. The playpen is designed for different age groups. It has enough space to sleep, play, crawl and try to take the first steps.

play arena

Manufacturers offer stationary and folding options, as well as transformer products. When buying such a piece of furniture, pay attention to the following criteria:

frame material

The most common material used in production is wood. The design is natural, but heavy.

The lighter option is plastic. It is easy to care for him, but you should forget about ecological properties.

Floor covering and enclosing elements For games at any time of the year, a soft and insulated floor is installed. Side barriers are made of mesh, fabric / tarpaulin or in the form of iron, wooden rods. Their height should be at least 80-100 cm
Additional options A universal option will be a model equipped with wheels and a locking system. Mobile and maneuverable arena can be moved from one room to another and securely fixed in the desired position
Interactive To make the time spent in the arena as comfortable and as useful as possible, it should contain educational toys, rattles and plastic mirrors, as well as musical components.

Play mat

A developing play mat with a soft base will be the best purchase for a one-year-old child. Elements fixed on the surface, such as arcs, sorters, latches, light and music toys, will actively develop tactile, visual and auditory sensations, as well as thinking, imagination and creative inclinations.

Play mat

Finger paint

Starting at the age of one, little explorers try to make their first sketches. Finger paints diversify creative activities and captivate the baby with hand-drawing. Before buying, decide on the number of colors in the set and study the composition in detail.

finger paint drawing

Finger paints are made from non-toxic ingredients. The composition does not have strong odors, does not cause allergic manifestations and is safe.

Bath toy set

Water procedures are a daily hygiene ritual. To turn bathing into a game, bathing toys are indispensable. Variants on suction cups, waterproof, groovy – they all help to develop imagination and perception of the outside world.

bath toy set

Grown up kids are no longer limited to simply moving objects, they now need toys with meaning. Give your child fun fishing, duck races, a marine fleet, a magic faucet on his special day and you will notice how he spends time with interest and benefit.

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Unlike standard building sets, LEGO DUPLO pieces are bulky and easy to grip for small hands. Figures of animals or men from the kit only fuel the interest in the game. Godovasik will be able to easily build turrets and try bricks on the tooth (he won’t swallow large ones). All parts are made of non-toxic materials and odorless, which means they will not cause harm to health.

Due to the variety of shapes and prints on the details, the modeling kit will allow you to develop logic, perseverance, and imagination. With the help of the designer, you can learn counting techniques, distinguish colors and shapes of objects. In addition, this is an occasion for the joint pastime of parents and the baby.


Such a gift is suitable for both girls and boys who like to feel like builders. It will help to become calmer, even to a restless and capricious kid, the main thing is to open the veil of the fascinating Lego world.

What should not be given to a one-year-old baby?

  • bulky soft toys
    As a gift to a child for 1 year – not the best option. Little children are suspicious, and therefore impressionable. A large toy can be intimidating, it is difficult to pick it up and carry it away. The child will not play with what causes rejection.
  • cheap toys
    Although they attract attention with the coloring “pluck out the eye”, the smell from them is also merciless. Playing with these, the child may have a headache, a rash on the skin, difficulty breathing. In addition, because of cheap materials, such products quickly break, crumble, dry out.
  • Toys not for age
    Too difficult for babies and unsafe. Parts located inside or on the surface can easily enter the mouth or respiratory tract.

A one-year-old child stands on the path of personality formation. He already shows the first character traits, interests and inclinations, which should not be ignored when choosing a present. Consider the main criteria – safety, age-appropriateness and attractive design, and you won’t go wrong. A list of anti-gifts will save you from ridiculous situations and spoiled mood.

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