What is included in the section “LEGO stones and details”


As we already reported, in January, lovers of the “world of cubes” receive more than 100 newly minted designers. But seasoned construction fans and “freelance designers” working on their own projects, most of these new products are attracted by the opportunity to get new parts. In this regard, the January kits provide a fairly large selection – the list includes over 400 parts from various categories. Now they can already be selected and ordered in the “LEGO stones and details” section of official online stores and received as a separate product.

So, animal lovers can purchase figurines – cats, squirrels, turtles and horses (see picture). Practice shows that representatives of the animal world usually do not stay on the shelves of Lego warehouses, so place orders in a timely manner.

The minifigure parts selection includes items from the new City, Monkey Kid, and other themed sets, as well as the 22 Collectible Minifigures, released in January.

The choice of printed stones has noticeably expanded. This happened, first of all, due to two very colorful and bright construction sets dedicated to the Chinese New Year and sets in honor of the Year of the Tiger.

Especially long in January was a list of useful details that will undoubtedly interest construction fans. it new Light Nougat stones from 10297 LEGO Boutique Hotel, as well as many other building elements in the new palette. Please section and new forms of cubes. For example, a sandwich panel and a double plate 1×1, which comes directly in five different colors.

This month will also become “fruitful” for new parts for fans of the “Technician” series. Finally, the coming year 2022 has brought fans of the “world of blocks” a completely new color for Lego: bright yellow, or otherwise neon yellow. It contains quite a lot of details in a variety of sets. All this indicates that the company provides its fans with even more scope for creativity.


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