The designer is universal, you can make crafts of any complexity out of it, as long as there are ideas. In the article we give a tip on what can be done from Lego. And these are not banal wreaths, dream houses, ships and animals. We offer something more interesting.

DIY crafts from Lego

In general, take the parts, sit back and get down to business!

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What can you do with Lego

Having shoveled the Internet on request: “What can be done from Lego with your own hands + instructions”, we selected the 10 most interesting knick-knacks. We paint step-by-step actions, attach photos and videos. We are sure you will understand and be interested.

Watches: how to make them to shoot with rubber bands

The clock does not show time, but be healthy.

How to make a watch that shoots rubber bands?

Let’s take a look at the detailed instructions.

5 steps to make a strap.

  1. We take parts 6×2, 8×2 and 10×2 in black. We place in the order of the pyramid.
  2. On the sides of the largest part we attach two bevels 2×2 gray. The gray parts can be attached closer to the center of the black base, depending on the width of the wrist.
  3. We make a strap. To do this, you need Lego 2×1 plates. We fix the required amount on the sides.
  4. Then we take the reverse bevel 2×2 and also fasten on the sides.
  5. For a more aesthetic appearance, it is possible to add a yellow 2×1 piece with a slight bevel on both sides. The strap is ready.

For the manufacture of the “dial” you will need 8×8 plates. You can use smaller pieces.

  1. We make the walls according to a special algorithm: on the side we cling to the 2×1 part, on top we fasten the flat part 2×1.
  2. We put Lego 4×1 next to it. At the top in the middle, we add a component, thanks to which the watch can shoot. Nearby are two 1×1 parts.
  3. In the empty corner we place a gray 1×1 constructor, and next to it is a red one.
  4. Near the red we catch the 6×1 part. On top of the side we put 1×8 flat. Then come the parts – 6×1 and 8×1.
  5. From above we cling to the component, which will allow you to shoot from the other side. On the sides we fasten smooth parts 1×2.
  6. Inside there is a place to store rubber bands. For their fastening we take Lego 2×1, on top – 1×1 smooth.
  7. In the middle of the storage we attach 4 things 2×1, as shown in the video.
  8. We close the storage: we take the part 2×6 yellow and fasten it up. Next to the part with dimensions 6×4.
  9. We connect the strap and the base – the shooting watch is ready!

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Minecraft night light: how to assemble

A handmade Minecraft night light is suitable as a gift for computer game lovers and children. You will need seven materials:

  • layout,
  • lego,
  • hammer,
  • spray adhesive,
  • for electrical construction: wiring, cartridge, plug, lamp, switch,
  • screws and screws
  • rubber feet.

  Lego night light

The step-by-step process for making a night lamp is described in the table:

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System block from Lego

To make a system block with your own hands, you will need a large amount of Lego. You can choose any color scheme. There may be different variations of a fake:

  • making a case for a real system unit;
  • small toy device;
  • a large system block made entirely of Lego (we will consider it).

Lego system block

To begin with, we make a base on which we attach parts of any color. The structure is interconnected. We make the buttons of the system unit in a different color so that they do not merge with the base.

Do not forget about the drive, which is also highlighted in a different color. The middle of the product is empty, the parts are attached on the sides to each other. It turns out a large system unit, like a real one.

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DIY guitar

For a mini guitar from Lego, we use two colors – black and white.

DIY guitar

  1. Insert the round part into the 1×2 part with a hole.
  2. We connect the two components together with a flat piece 1×2. Then we put the resulting “bridge” on the previous part.
  3. We insert two black oblong pieces on the sides from the bottom side.

We repeat the first three points. We connect all the details together. It turns out the body of the guitar.

  1. For the manufacture of the neck, we use a 1×8 black part.
  2. On the side, add a 1×1 component.
  3. We put “lattices” along the neck. There is free space for a special part – for setting up the tool.
  4. We combine the neck and the base – the mini-guitar is ready!

Bird feeders

It is worth choosing bright shades of bricks. Variegated colors can attract birds. The Lego feeder looks original and will last more than one winter.

The invention should be of medium size so that the bird can easily fly in and dine. It is important to have a roof. In rain and snow, it will protect the feeder from slush inside.

  Feeder for birds from improvised materials

To make a house for eating birds, no special skills are required.

  1. We choose the color scheme for the future product.
  2. We take the designer and impose on each other in rows to a certain height.
  3. The shape can be any – square, round, etc. It all depends on your imagination.
  4. From above, do not forget to build a roof so that rain and snow do not wet the food.
  5. For free flight inside, we make the so-called “window” or arch.
  6. For maximum strength of the feeder, you should go through the joints with glue so that the bird can sit on the roof and not break the invention.
  7. It remains to pour the grains, and wait for feathered friends for lunch.

Table lamp: how to do it yourself

You can use any lamp and decorate with a designer. We recommend using bricks of any color.

Or better yet, make a table lamp made entirely out of Lego.

Lego table lamp

  1. We choose a designer of different colors.
  2. We make a stand for the base, constructing a two-tiered square so that the product holds firmly.
  3. Then we proceed to the manufacture of the legs, laying the parts on top of each other to a certain height.
  4. We make a case of any shape and color where the product will be placed.
  5. It is worth giving preference to light bulbs that do not heat up to avoid heating the plastic.
  6. We run a wire to the lamp so that the device gives the necessary lighting.
  7. For the strength of the invention, it should be glued so that the craft does not break upon impact or fall.
  8. Before use, it is important to test the lamp for strength, acting on it with small loads.

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Key holders

This is an original version of crafts to get rid of the eternal loss of keys.

For manufacturing you will need:

  • brick of large parameters – depends on the number of keys, preferably flat. On it we place special fastening key chains, on which the keys will be broadcast;
  • screws;
  • screwdriver;
  • drill;
  • Scotch.

Convenient key holder from the designer

If there are no special fasteners, you can take any part and make a hole with a hot screwdriver. Then thread the ring with the key and hang it on the ready-made base.

On top of the holder, you can put any inscription or drawing from the designer, which makes the product colorful. Or place different characters from your favorite cartoons. Even heavy bunches of keys will hold firmly on such a key holder. Using a screwdriver, we fix the product on the wall.

DIY Christmas decorations

We usually decorate the Christmas tree with purchased Christmas decorations. To make the New Year’s beauty look great, we suggest dressing the tree with toys made from the designer.

DIY toys and decorations for the Christmas tree

Consider the example of a snowman:

  • we need parts in black, white and orange;
  • we start with the legs – we connect two 2×3 particles together;
  • put 6×1 on top;
  • we continue to form the body of the snowman, following the diagram below;
  • do not forget to insert black buttons;
  • after making the body, we begin to form the head;
  • we make a mouth, a nose from an orange particle and eyes;
  • the final step is the hat.

  Making a snowman for the Christmas tree

It is worth choosing bright colors. Such crafts look elegant and attract attention.

To attach Christmas tree decorations to the Christmas tree, a part with a special hole is placed on top. We thread a thread or fishing line, and then hang the decoration on the forest beauty.

Flash drive from the designer

Even Uncle Zhora from the next entrance will envy such a product. A flash drive can be in the form of a character or covered with a designer.

To make the device, it is enough to remove the board and cover it with Lego plates of any color and shape. It is important to glue the invention so that it does not break when dropped.

Making a USB drive from a constructor

The detailed process for making a homemade flash drive is in the table:

Lego box

The Lego gift box is a work of art that will definitely impress. We take an ordinary cardboard box and “fit it” with plastic parts.

Designer gift box

It is important to glue the particles well to the box so that they do not fall off when necessary and not necessary.

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