We continue to collect Chinese designers: “Lunar Fleet”

We continue to collect Chinese designers: "Lunar Fleet"

Having been inspired once (or rather twice already, to be honest), now you can’t stop. This time we decided to assemble another constructor robot from the “many-in-one solar-powered” series.

And today we have the so-called “Lunar Fleet”. Although it is somewhat different from what we collected before.

In outline

: before us is a Chinese model of a designer, which allows you to “get” several different models from one box (3 in total), which can be set in motion by the sun’s rays.

But there are some positives! First, unlike many designers of this kind, all three models can be assembled at the same time.

The mechanism of the shuttle and the lunar rover is still

one for two

but there are enough parts for both cases, you don’t need to rearrange anything to each other and formally you can play with three toys at once.

Secondly, there is the possibility of battery operation. One of the three elements of this set is essentially a docking station: inside there is a compartment with batteries to which the battery is connected – so even in cloudy weather you can set the toys in motion.

Now a few details.

In total, it is proposed to assemble three models: a shuttle, a lunar rover and a space station. It is proposed to collect according to the instructions:

Despite the fact that it is not localized, this does not cause difficulties: its visual part is quite understandable and does not mislead. In the corner – 1/2/3 and so on – a sequence of steps. The part numbers that are required for each specific step match the numbers on the plastic plates from the box:

Plus, something (like in Lego Junior) already has a large shape that cannot be confused or misused.

It is better to start assembling this constructor in order, as indicated in the instructions. True, before moving on to something “global”, it was proposed to assemble a mechanism. It is assembled from electronic components that lie separately.

Here is a solar panel, and a battery, and a battery compartment and a motor. Something you need right now:

The next step is step 1.1. Here we collect just a “docking station”. It consists of two large parts, a tower with a solar panel, and a battery-powered adapter is placed inside.

Although the designer comes from China, it is not made in the worst way for its price. The parts are generally fitted, nothing dangles, does not fall out.

The antenna (not sure what it would be called in reality) is used to attach the solar panel to it.

And when assembled, the entire structure of the “space station” looks like this.

The green one on the back is the power adapter on charge. It can be attached as in the picture (to batteries) or at the top – then it will be charged by solar energy.

Then you need to assemble the moon rover. It also consists, by and large, of two large body parts and several additional ones: wheels, antenna, radars …

The motor is removed inside the case. He, as already mentioned, is one for two with the third model, so they will not be able to move from the battery at the same time.

After the main part is ready, “decorative” wheels are added – they do not reach the surface, since the movement is not carried out due to them.

And this design is “decorated” with additional elements.

Finally, you need to assemble the shuttle model. Again – no difficulties: in fact, all that is required to fasten two parts of the body together.

The previously assembled motor can be saved and inserted here, for example.

As a result: you have three plastic toys united by the theme of space. For everything about everything – from the strength of an hour and a half of time, part of which is also spent on detaching the necessary parts from the necessary plates:

Saving and separating everything in advance is a bad idea. You can just get confused.

Separate time will also be spent on decorating the entire set with the help of special stickers. With them, everything really looks “alive”.

For all its simplicity, the set turns out to be quite fascinating and draws on a full-fledged hobby evening in a cozy atmosphere, especially since the cold weather is approaching. It is not packaged in the worst possible way – in a sturdy colorful box.

Considering that it costs half a thousand, we can say that the evening was a success.

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