Video game PlayStation Plus will replenish with new characters


According to unofficial information, the ranks LEGO DC supervillains from TT Games will be added to the December lineup of PlayStation Plus games. Dealabs’ source is known for several accurate predictions he gave on early versions of this multi-platform PC game, so the news is credible.

Lego DC Super Villains

Recall that the video game Lego DC “Super-Villains” was released 2 years ago. The plot is based on the Lego Batman trilogy. However, there are some nuances. The main difference is that the game focuses entirely on the villains of the DC Universe.

The second difference should be attributed to the fact that the player has the opportunity to create his own character, which can then be integrated into the game story. Thus, everyone can increase the number of participants in the events, which are already 270 today.

The third feature is that Super Villains has a multiplayer mode that allows you to play together.

video game Lego DC Super Villains

The player will have to go through a lot of levels of varying difficulty, taking on the role of supervillains. And who knows, it is quite possible that one of them will be able to re-educate, although this is hardly realistic. But in any case, the creators of the video game promise that this multi-platform computer game will capture the imagination of the player for a single month.

LEGO DC by TT Games


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