These are Lego bricks. You are well acquainted with them. Did you know that every hour 2 million friends-parts are made for them at Lego factories? That’s 5 tons of plastic. A lot, even too much! Because only three cubes will be enough to connect them in more than nine million ways. Although it is easier to put the bricks on top of each other.

  Lego bricks: 50 unusual and interesting facts

We present to your attention 50 amazing facts about these toys. Prepare to be amazed. And yes, believe your eyes and ears! They still don’t let you down.

To get started, here are 20 answers to frequently asked questions about Lego.

1. How long has the Lego brand been around? Registered in 1932. Initially, the company was engaged in the production of household supplies and wooden toys. And only in 1958 she patented her first plastic designer.

2. How many pieces have been released under the Lego brand during the company’s operation? Since 1958, over 486,000,000,000 cubes have been produced.

3. How is the size of the planet Earth and the Lego constructor related? All released Lego parts, laid out in a chain, will be able to circle the Earth around not once, but as many as 10.

4. What are the holes in Lego people for? To prevent suffocation of the child if the toy is inhaled.

5. How many designers does Lego sell? Every second, 7 boxes are sold worldwide.

6. How did the game enter the Guinness Book of Records? Thanks to the Lego railroad. The railway track showed a record length – 545 meters.

7. Do kids love Lego? According to statistics, in total, all over the world, children spend over 5 billion hours playing with this constructor.

8. Where did the brand name come from? The name is based on the expression “leg godt”. It translates to “play well”.

9. Where should Lego lovers go? Of course, in Legoland! There are seven Lego theme parks in the world. The largest is in Denmark.

10. How diverse are Lego sets? More than 600 varieties of the designer are produced.

11. In which countries is Lego sold? In 130 countries of the world.

12. What is the largest set? The largest Star Wars X-Wing kit in the world. The set contains over 5.3 million parts and weighs 23 tons.

13. How are Lego bricks made? Heat the plastic up to 200°C. A plastic mass is obtained, similar to dough, bricks are made from it.

14. What additional features does the toy have? You can download the Lego digital designer app. The tool allows you to design an author’s set. The program is posted on the official website of the manufacturer.

15. How many colors are used in construction sets? 58 different colors.

16. How varied are the elements? More than 3900 varieties can be found among the details.

17. How is the constructor assembled? Two separate elements can be connected in 8 ways. Three parts have 1060 combinations.

18. Will there be enough Lego for everyone? If the existing elements are divided into all the inhabitants of the planet, everyone will receive 64 parts.

19. How are Google and Lego related?The first server rack was built from Lego bricks in the Google office.

20 Can I see all the released sets of the designer? At the main office of the company, which is located in Denmark, all Lego sets are stored. The rarities report starts from 1958.

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10 Bizarre Facts About Lego Ninjago

Designers of the Ninjago series are in a special account for boys and girls of school age. It is not surprising. After all, the sets in their composition are fully consistent with the animated series about brave heroes. The theme of the fight against evil is interesting for children in itself, and the ability to play scenes from their favorite series makes Ninjago construction sets indispensable.

Children playing lego ninjago

Below are 10 interesting facts about Lego Ninjago, for which more than one generation of children love him.

  • On the side of good, six ninjas and their wise Sensei fight.
  • The only character that appears in every episode of the animated series is Jay.
  • Initially, Nyi wielded the power of Air.
  • Miowra in the Ninjago movie was played by two cats who were identical in appearance.
  • Popular English TV presenters Ben Shepard and Keith Garraway voice the cartoon characters instead of the voices of Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts – in the UK version.
  • The release of the cartoon about the characters Nijago was expected a year earlier. It premiered in December 2011 on Cartoon Network.
  • The only hero that does not change the classic costume when wearing armor is Kai.
  • The budget of the animated series Nijago was 70,000,000 US dollars.
  • The rental of the film about Lego heroes collected 123,081,555 US dollars.
  • After defeating the enemies, one of the main characters, Cole, becomes a ghost. However, he continues to fight in Sensei’s team.

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Lego Education features

Lego Education is a separate chapter in the company’s assortment. Products from this series are designed for educational institutions. This is due to the specifics of working with kits: in the constructor, you need not only to assemble the frame, but also to correctly connect the electronics and program the robot. To appreciate the full potential of the designer, the help of a teacher is needed. In addition, Education kits are quite expensive and not every parent can buy a complete kit for one child. However, due to the availability of detailed instructions and teaching aids, the designer can also be bought for personal use.

The company has released four series of Lego Education for children of different ages:

  • Express. Young programmer – for preschoolers;
  • WeDo 2.0 – focused on younger students;
  • SPIKE Prime – for grades 5-8;
  • Mindstorms EV3 – for high school.

Lego for the whole family

NASA and Lego collaborated in 2011. With the help of Education kits, experiments were carried out in zero gravity. The results formed the basis of special lessons for schoolchildren. For example, an experiment on free fall in a vacuum using a touch sensor.

The Education kits are used by staff at the University of Cambridge. Using the constructor, scientists set up experiments and work with students. Special sensors included in the kits and a variety of Lego kits allow scientists to conduct fast, accurate and easy physics experiments. This fact about Lego makes the sets not just toys, but educational tools.

To fully work with Lego Education, you need to install special software on a computer or tablet. The program can be downloaded for free on the manufacturer’s website. The MINDSTORMS Education series can be programmed even without connecting to a computer. Also, the control unit is connected to the computer in three ways.

From Lego Mindstorms Education, a 12-year-old boy made his own printer that prints in Braille.

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