Unique Lego Art Set at a Glance


Recently, construction fans were surprised to find on the “virtual shelves” of the Amazon UK online store a magnificent set 21226 LEGO Art Project. Typically, the products of this line are produced for adults, as indicated by a branded black box with the obligatory mark “18+”. However, here the manufacturer changed the color of the packaging of parts to white, removed the age limit. And for the first time in the history of a comparative new art series, the Lego company recommends an art project to children from the age of 7.

The new art project LEGO 21226 Create Together is expected to go on sale in early November. The set will cost quite well – 119.99 euros. What do they offer us for such a price? Let’s figure this out together with you.

A Brief Overview of the Unique Lego Art Set

The original designer consists of 4138 round parts of different color palettes. They allow you to “write” to choose from: either 9 paintings of small sizes, or one large portrait of the iconic Lego astronaut in a white spacesuit using mosaic assembly technology.

Regardless of the variation chosen, the collected drawings are placed in a special white frame, which, in fact, turns the picture or picture into a bright canvas. So the child will be able to hang the mosaic created by his own hands on the wall as a real work of art and decorate the overall design of the children’s room.

It is clear that for the majority of admirers of such prefabricated constructors, both versions of the drawings offered by the developers of the art project will be interesting. But the peculiarity of the first of them should be attributed to the fact that nine young artists can be involved in the exciting work on mosaics at the same time. Well, why not a great way for group classes on the creative development of children ?!

21226 LEGO Art Project

21226 LEGO Art Project set attractive with another twist. When working on mini-pictures, the owners of the kit are given the opportunity to choose the composition of the future miniature from 36 (!) Different designs. They are listed in the manual with detailed assembly instructions. It turns out that the inherent potential in the set under consideration was initially designed for a significant expansion.

What exactly does this add-on provide to the owners of the constructor? Huge scope for creative imagination, as well as the ability to eventually return to the art project to resume work on it. After all, the guys will be able to completely update the compositional content of the mosaic drawings at least three times.

But that’s not all. Such a number of parts presented in the set can reveal the creative potential of the owner. Because everyone will be able to translate their own creative ideas into reality. And who knows, maybe this construction set for a child will be the very real chance to demonstrate their unique artistic talent.


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