Unique 53,000 piece bridge set

The bridge was taken as the prototype of this grandiose project. Qing Ma in Hong Kong. The author Lisander Chow spent about 53,000 Lego pieces to create a unique model. The toy copy looks amazing! This is noted even by people far from designing.

The model impresses not only with its enormous size, but also with the “photographic” realism of the overall composition. The greatest impression is made by a magnificent imitation of the water surface. Ultra-fine detail makes you “hear” the sound of waves and splashing water. This effect was achieved by Lysander thanks to pixelated assembly style. He used side plates and bricks to create asymmetrical geometric shapes in blue with crisscrossing white patterns. This gave the water a precise visual shape and movement.

That is why it seems that a large tourist steamer, a cargo ferry with containers on deck, two yachts, a small speedboat and many small watercraft seem to cut through the water surface. You can also notice the seething stream of water and foam left by them along the sides and behind them.

To create this amazing bridge, the author used 53,000 parts!

A well-designed bridge is a fairly complex structure of impressive length. It is supported by tall towers that are connected between a wide variety of overhead cables. The author of the project found an original way to strengthen the middle of the bridge – the weakest part of the toy. For additional support, he used a cruise ship.

The carriageway of the bridge is recreated in detail, which is “revived” by a real stream of passing cars, trucks and passenger cars. Note that this model uses a huge number of mini-models of various cars. They filled not only the track, but also located in a large parking lot, which is located under the bridge. Isn’t it an impressive sight?

To create this amazing bridge, the author used 53,000 parts!

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