Ultrahaptics – touch of virtual objects

Imagine a situation where you can touch any virtual object. Or press your fingers on felt, but still virtual keys. All this works today with the help of technology developed by Ultrahaptics.

Feeling a virtual object with Ultrahaptics technology

Company Ultrahaptics was founded in 2013, based on technology originally developed at the University of Bristol in the UK. The company received seed funding in 2014 to further develop the technology and expand the engineering team. The company’s website is here.

Unique technology developed by the company Ultrahaptics, allows users to get a tactile experience without the need for actual touch. The technology uses ultrasound to project sensations in the air directly onto the user. Users can feel keys or switches, receive feedback when controlling gestures, interact with virtual objects, or feel touches on various textures.

Look at the emotions that technology evokes Ultrahaptics people can on video.

The technology works like this: a large array of ultrasonic emitters gently vibrate the skin of your hand. Vibration can be concentrated on different parts of the hand to create different feelings.

Ultrahaptics Virtual Object Sensing Technology

And here is a photo of a working prototype – platforms with installed ultrasonic emitters from the exhibition CES 2015:

Ultrahaptics platform prototype

Unfortunately, the development of the company is not yet for sale. There is only an introductory program, under which (if you are a company) you can get your hands on tactile technology right now Ultrahaptics. Program members get everything they need to evaluate, test, and develop concept products that use haptic feedback. However, access to this program is by invitation only.

The evaluation program includes the device itself, demo programs, editor application, API, support, and documentation.

Well, let’s wait for the technology to appear in consumer devices.

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