Tram set featured in LEGO Idea Contest

The seventh candidate for implementation as an official set Lego was the Lisbon Tram project. It was posted on the site. LEGO Ideas in February, and after 98 days he passed to the next stage of the competition.

10,000 construction fans voted for this idea, because designers with similar models from the Danish manufacturer are quite rare. An important role in the choice was played by the worldwide fame of the object of reflection.

The author’s model of Ezekiel Alabas recreates the famous tram route number 28 among tourists. Without exaggeration, we can say that every guest of the capital of Portugal dreams of riding this old yellow vehicle. For tourists, it is interesting both in itself and with a 7-kilometer route that runs through the historical places of the city. Thus, the model is a small monument to the true symbol of Lisbon.

The author of the project recreates the scene with a stop in the center of the Portuguese capital during the arrival of tram number 28.

The location is:

  • a pedestrian area with a typical Portuguese pavement with geometric shapes,
  • street lamps in the center of flower beds,
  • benches for citizens and guests waiting for the tram,
  • mobile kiosk with various snacks.

The Lisbon Tram set in the LEGO Idea Contest 'went to the next stop'

The main model is the tram. On the right side, its doors open, allowing passengers to enter or exit it.

The removable roof of the vehicle allows you to better explore the internal structure:

  • there are 10 seats, and two of them are rotated 90 degrees – just like in a real tram;
  • several handrails for standing passengers are attached to the ceiling;
  • in the driver’s cab there are gas and brake levers, as well as dials of various instruments and a fire extinguisher;
  • a small horn is installed on the floor to warn people running through the narrow streets of the city.

To bring the scene to life and recreate a more realistic picture of everyday life in the Portuguese capital, 7 minifigures. In addition to the driver mentioned above, there are 3 passengers, a guitarist, a street vendor and even a pickpocket.

The Lisbon Tram set in the LEGO Idea Contest 'went to the next stop'

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