Top best baby laundry detergents


The compositions of powders for children are significantly different from those for adults. The main parameter that is taken into account in their production is safety. Detergent can harm the health of the child up to the onset of a chronic disease. That is why parents try to choose a product that washes well and is absolutely safe for the baby.

Experts advise to focus on the following characteristics:

  • Compound. Inadmissible components are phosphates, which reduce the body’s immune resistance and destroy protective functions, as well as surface-active substances (surfactants) in excess of the accepted norm.
  • Sealed packaging. The loss of useful properties of the powder is possible due to a violation of the tightness of the pack.
  • Delicate care. Powder for newborns should not have a pronounced aroma. In addition, the agent should not form abundant foam.
  • manufacturer’s reputation. A manufacturer that cares about reputation invests not only in brand promotion, but also in preliminary research on product quality.
  • Price. Washing baby clothes, especially at first, can occur daily, or even several times a day. Therefore, the difference in cost in this situation is “on the face”.

The Best All-Purpose Washing Powders for Newborns

Meine Liebe

Meine Liebe Baby washing powder

Meine Liebe is a safe washing powder for manual or automatic washing of children’s clothes from birth. It washes difficult stains even at a temperature of 30 °, does not contain phosphates, chlorine, fragrances and dyes. Being hypoallergenic, it eliminates the appearance of irritation and redness on the delicate skin of the baby.

The baby powder rinses out well, prevents the appearance of scale in the machine, and prevents shrinkage and deformation of clothes. The concentrated composition helps to reduce consumption by 3 times compared to a conventional product. Comes with a measuring spoon. Being biodegradable, it is harmless to the environment. Dermatologists recommend this powder for children from the first days of life, as well as people with sensitive skin.



SEPTIVIT PREMIUM Baby washing powder

High-quality washing powder for baby clothes without phosphates. Suitable for washing diapers, clothes for newborns, as well as adults. Judging by the reviews, the product has the best composition: it is biodegradable, which means it is safe. The powder contains enzymes, non-ionic surfactants, surfactants in the optimal concentration. The composition does not contain aggressive chlorine and chemical fragrance.

The product is suitable for all types of washing, it is washed out during the rinsing process. On clothes, underwear, the powder does not leave streaks. But at the same time, he effectively copes with almost any pollution, an unpleasant “aroma” about the traces of the baby’s vital activity. The only thing that parents do not like is the specific smell of the product itself. He does not stay on things.

eared babysitter

Eared nannies Baby washing powder

“Eared nannies” is the most popular baby powder for moms. It is suitable for children from the first days of life. Thanks to the enzymes included in the composition, it well washes protein contamination from cotton and synthetic fabrics. Oxygen bleach easily removes yellow stains and plaque. It effectively copes with traces of grass and dirt, so it is also used for older children.

Mild active additives protect the structure of the fabric, retain brightness, which is especially important when washing children’s underwear frequently. The product is well rinsed out of fabrics, does not contain fragrances. The mass fraction of dust is 0.7% (with an allowable 5%), so it does not enter the respiratory tract and does not cause irritation. The hypoallergenicity of this remedy is confirmed by Russian pediatricians.

The best baby laundry detergents based on natural soap

baby line

BabyLine Baby washing powder

BabyLine laundry detergent based on natural soap is one of the best for newborns. A distinctive feature is the inclusion of an oxygen stain remover in the composition for better washing of specific contaminants from the life of the child. The manufacturer claims that the concentrate powder is enough for about 1.5 months – about 20 uses.

And most importantly – customer reviews about the cost-effectiveness of the product confirm this. Washing powder is suitable for all types of fabrics – cotton and synthetic, colored and light. The content of surfactants does not exceed the approved standards – up to 15% surfactants and up to 5% nonionic surfactants. Additional pluses are an activator of washing at low temperatures, as well as substances that prevent the formation of scale.


Umka Baby washing powder

Umka children’s washing powder based on natural soap is one of the best on the Russian market. Indicators of the content of surfactants correspond to generally accepted standards – no more than 15% of surfactants and no more than 5% of surfactants. The composition of the domestic powder does not contain phosphates, which unscrupulous manufacturers add to further soften the water.

The soap is completely suitable for washing clothes of newborns. On the package there is a mark indicating this – 0+. In the reviews, buyers share the advantages of this powder – it washes well, is suitable for various types of fabric, has no smell, and is economically consumed. But, despite its hypoallergenicity, the product can still cause a rash and irritation on the skin. Reason: the use of a large amount of powder, which is poorly washed out with a quick wash.

our mother

our mother Baby washing powder

Powder based on palm and coconut oil. It has one of the most natural compositions that do not cause allergic reactions. The product can be used in the machine and for hand washing. First you need to dissolve the powder in water, and then pour it into a drum or bowl. The composition contains oxygen bleach, which cleans the fabric from stains and plaque, as well as silver ions, which are responsible for the antibacterial effect. Colored clothes do not lose their brightness even after many washes. The product is completely rinsed out, does not dry and does not deform fabrics.

Customers talk about a pleasant, gentle fragrance that does not irritate or linger on clothes. The powder is consumed very slowly, but foams little. At first it seems that it is poorly washed off, especially when compared with concentrates. A little depressing is the need to accurately measure the amount of the product and adjust the water temperature (not lower than 45 degrees). In case of an overdose, soap stains may remain on the fabric, and at low temperatures, the dirt is very poorly washed off.

The best disinfectant baby laundry detergents

Burti Hygiene Plus

Burti Hygiene Plus baby powder

Means intended for washing and disinfection of linen, clothes of grown-up children and adults. The manufacturer claims that the powder kills 99.9% of bacteria, infections and viruses. The product without phosphates and chemicals is safe for the child, it does not leave marks on the linen. With the right temperature, the powder is completely rinsed out. The packaging says that bleach returns things to their original color, does not deform them. The tool is recommended during the spread of infections, as it can also be used for cleaning rooms, toys. Using the powder, you can disinfect the drum of the machine. The price is quite high, but it is spent economically.

Buyers note that the powder washes things well, removing even old stains and dyes. The product has a slight fragrance, but it is not felt on the linen. I am glad that it can be used at low and high temperatures, wash any fabric. The manufacturer strongly advises using the drug for white linen, as the ingredients in the composition remove yellowness. One pack should be enough for 18 washes. There is no measuring cup inside, although for such a price I would like to see one.


PURE WATER baby powder

Natural powder without dyes, fragrances and chemical bleaches. It has an antiseptic effect, does not cause irritation. The manufacturer claims that the powder copes with any contamination on most fabrics. The tool is designed to preserve the appearance of clothes, maintain a bright color. The powder gently displaces dirt, so the fibers of the fabric do not lose their original quality. The product itself comes in a cute box with a cardboard dispenser and washing instructions. The main condition is that the water temperature is from 40 degrees, otherwise the powder will not wash out.

Users say that a pack of 1 kg is enough for several months, but silk and wool cannot be washed. Clean things do not smell of anything, do not irritate the child’s respiratory tract. Contrary to the assurance of the manufacturer, the reviews complain about problems with washing juice, compote, fat and complementary foods. But with lighter tasks, the tool copes perfectly. The powder has an unusual consistency, more like soap shavings. It lathers surprisingly well and leaves things soft. Air conditioning is optional.

Zaya Color

ZAYA Color baby powder

The tool is inexpensive, economically consumed, and, judging by the reviews, copes even with serious pollution. The powder is suitable for washing cotton, synthetics and mixed fibers, does not leave a white coating and a strong foreign smell on things. Works great at almost any temperature.

The tool is really very effective for washing and disinfecting clothes. Only here the composition of it is not the most environmentally friendly. It contains phosphates, fragrance, and enzymes with a stain remover. The rating of the powder is reduced precisely because of the rather thermonuclear composition. However, this remedy is very popular among parents of grown-up babies. For newborns, it is better to choose a different, safer powder.

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