Top best baby creams


Delicate baby skin needs moisture and protection from environmental influences. Only the best baby creams will help to soothe, soften, restore and nourish it.

The choice of goods for a child is always more scrupulous, because not only the purpose is taken into account, but also its composition, expiration date, release form, skin type and other characteristics. Demanding parents study reviews before buying and read the label. When studying the composition, it is useful to pay attention to the order of the ingredients. The further they are in the list, the lower their percentage. Often, for advertising purposes, manufacturers declare the presence of an expensive useful component on the packaging, but in reality its quantity turns out to be minimal.

To simplify the task, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of the best baby creams in different directions.

The best soothing creams for diaper rash

Bepanthen Ointment

Bepanthen Ointment

According to doctors, the leader in the treatment and prevention of diaper rash can rightly be considered an ointment for external use Bepanten with the active ingredient dexpanthenol. Unlike cream, this form of release has a larger amount of fatty components in the composition, and is characterized by an increased penetration depth. This ointment stimulates tissue regeneration in diaper rash and diaper dermatitis, normalizes cell metabolism.

As users note in the reviews, this is a really effective remedy that helps to cope with dryness and violations of the baby’s skin. Increased fat content contributes to a high result, but at the same time is its disadvantage. Parents complain that they have to wait a long time until the ointment is well absorbed. Another disadvantage is the high cost.



Hypoallergenic cream Sudocrem is designed to protect, soothe and restore the baby’s skin. It should be applied under the diaper to prevent diaper rash and irritation. Users positively evaluate the tool, considering it highly effective. The cream quickly relieves rashes and redness under the diaper, soothes and protects. After opening the jar, the composition is stored for one year, it is spent economically. In the reviews, as a minus, indicate the high cost, as well as an unpleasant smell.

Bubchen Baby Creme

Bubchen Baby Cream

B├╝bchen brand diaper cream reliably protects against diaper rash. Due to the inclusion of sunflower oil, chamomile extract, panthenol and zinc, accelerated regeneration of the baby’s skin is carried out. The cream does not contain parabens, dyes, SLS and SLES, which allows us to consider it as safe as possible for the delicate skin of a newborn baby.

Users indicate as disadvantages an excessively dense consistency in their opinion, which is reflected in the absorption time of the product. The reviews say that jars-washers last for a long time, so at first glance, the high price in the end turns out to be justified.

Best Baby Moisturizers for Peeling

baby line

babyline cream

Gentle cream from BabyLine with chamomile extract, panthenol and vitamin E provides gentle skin care.

It contains no preservatives, dyes or mineral oils. It is approved for use from the first days of a child’s life, and is also recommended for adults with sensitive skin.

The texture of the cream is pleasant, easily distributed over the skin, lays down in an even layer and is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy sheen. BabyLine is sold in 75 ml soft plastic tubes with a stable hinged lid. The product is easily squeezed out and dosed.

Johnson’s Baby Tenderness of nature

Johnson’s Baby Tenderness of nature cream

Cream from Johnson’s Baby effectively copes with the task of moisturizing dry and sensitive baby skin. The tool has a hypoallergenic composition, which is of particular importance in the care of newborns. The cream is enriched with vitamin E, chamomile extract and olive oil. Pleasant texture ensures easy absorption. The delicate texture is complemented by an unobtrusive aroma. Users note in the reviews that the cream quickly relieves redness and peeling, nourishing and moisturizing children’s skin with high quality. Leaves no sticky or greasy feeling.

Some were wary of the content of silicone components, as this increases the likelihood of allergic reactions in babies. However, real cases of allergies during use are rare, and are due to individual intolerance.


Sanosan cream

Sanosan cream is designed to moisturize the skin of a child, and therefore has a safe composition – the absence of parabens, fragrances, mineral oils and dyes. Contains panthenol, olive oil and vitamin E, thanks to which it successfully copes with the relief of skin inflammation, redness and flaking.

Users assure that the cream is economical in consumption. One package is enough for a long time of use. The negative point is the high fat content, due to which the product is absorbed into the skin for a long time. However, the cream is not sticky. It has a pleasant aroma and delicate texture.

The Best Baby Sunscreens

Lancaster Sun Kids

Lancaster Sun Kids cream

Lancaster Sun Kids is a high protection SPF 50 sunscreen. The composition is suitable for sensitive light skin, recommended for children over 3 years old. The formula has been tested by dermatologists and pediatricians, who confirm its safety and effectiveness.

It only takes a small amount of product to apply to the skin and is quickly absorbed. When dried, it does not leave a sticky film or oily sheen. The cream also prevents sand from sticking and is not washed off when bathing.

Nivea baby

Nivea Baby cream

Nivea waterproof sunscreen perfectly protects the skin of babies from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. According to users, the product has a rather oily texture, which is why it is absorbed into the skin for a long time. A significant disadvantage is that the cream leaves marks on clothes that sometimes cannot be washed off. Another disadvantage is the high price.

Among the benefits in the reviews indicate a high degree of protection (SPF 50 filter), prevention of burns and redness. A 75 ml tube is used economically, the funds last for a long time.

My sunshine SPF 20

My sunshine SPF 20 cream

Sunscreen “Sun SPF 20” is a representative of the budget segment, which is designed specifically to protect delicate children’s skin from a very young age. The product is sold in soft laminate tubes of 55 ml. The manufacturer recommends it for children at least 3 months old.

Formulated with baby safe UV filters, vitamin E and calendula extract. This formula softens the skin and protects it from overdrying from the scorching sun. The cream is declared as waterproof, which means that it is not necessary to repeat its application after each bath.

The best children’s protective creams from wind and frost


Weleda cream

Weleda Children’s Universal Face Balm is designed for dry, oily and sensitive skin. A feature of the brand is the enrichment of the composition with calendula extract and almond oil. The product does not contain parabens, SLS and SLES and mineral oils – harmful components that are contraindicated in the care of the baby’s skin. Users recommend applying the balm 20 minutes before a walk so that the product has time to be properly absorbed. According to reviews, one tube is enough for two or even three seasons. The obvious disadvantage is the high cost.

Children’s pharmacy

Children’s pharmacy cream

Children’s pharmacy – a winter cream for peeling and cracks with rosehip oil and vitamins A, E, F. Mothers of babies note that the product helps well with chapping: it removes tightness, irritation, dryness.

Sold in soft tubes with a screw cap. A small hole on the spout allows you to squeeze out quite a bit of cream, which ensures its economical consumption.

Mustela Cold Cream

Mustela Cold Cream cream

Weather cream for face, body and hands from Mustela can be used for children from birth. The remedy is of particular value for dry skin. It simultaneously nourishes, moisturizes and protects against the negative effects of external factors. Does not contain fragrances, dyes, parabens and mineral oils. Users assure that the oily texture of the cream is well absorbed. The negative aspect, according to buyers, is an overestimated cost.

The best baby creams for daily care

Little Siberica

Little Siberica cream

Very mild cream for delicate baby skin. Suitable for newborns and older kids. Does not contain harmful substances and potential allergens – parabens, sulfates, dyes. But the composition includes natural beneficial extracts of chamomile and calendula. They soften, nourish, do not allow irritation and inflammation to appear, protect sensitive children’s skin from the negative influence of external factors. The main reason why parents choose this cream is its balanced, completely natural, safe composition. Light aroma and pleasant texture, they consider additional benefits.

Johnson’s Baby Cream

Johnson’s Baby Cream

A light cream from a well-known American company is an ideal tool for daily care of delicate baby skin. Suitable for babies from birth, has a hypoallergenic composition, does not contain sulfates and other harmful additives. The content of panthenol in the cream gives it excellent moisturizing properties. With regular, daily use, thanks to this cream, dry skin, irritation and flaking can be avoided. The product is sold in tubes of different volumes – 100 and 200 ml.

EO Laboratories

EO Laboratories cream

Some Russian-made creams are of really good quality, rich, but at the same time hypoallergenic composition. Cream for daily care of delicate baby skin from EO Laboratorie is a vivid confirmation of this. The composition of the product includes panthenol, almond oil, cotton extract, shea butter. You will not find dyes, sulfates, parabens and synthetic preservatives in it. Therefore, it can be safely used for daily care of the delicate skin of newborns. Many parents write about excellent absorption, pleasant smell, velvety skin after use.

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