Top 7 Infant Formulas for Newborns


Almost every mother wants to keep breastfeeding, but, unfortunately, sometimes you have to replace breast milk with formulas. The reasons can be very diverse, for example, the lack of milk or its shortage. But what mixtures should you pay attention to? Mixtures for newborns need to be selected individually for each baby, in this article you will learn about the top infant formulas, which are the most popular in their line.

On the goat milk

Previously, goat milk nutrition was not as common as it is now. Nowadays, most pediatricians recommend these mixtures, since the body of a newborn is “easier to cope” with goat milk. This does not negate cow’s milk mixtures, since there are a lot of good ones among them. But, if possible, then, of course, you should think about choosing a goat milk mixture, which is perfectly digested and tolerated, absorbed faster and better than cow’s milk, rich in natural oligosaccharides and nucleotides, which allows you not to enrich them with synthesized analogues.

Pay attention to Kabrita 1 mixtures, as they are made from natural farm milk (Netherlands) and have a very modern and healthy composition that promotes comfortable digestion.

Advantages of mixtures:

– Enrichment with whey. Breast milk is 60% whey proteins and 40% casein, Kabrita infant formula contains 63% whey proteins. That is why there are no problems with digestion and digestion of mixtures.

– DigestX fat complex, which includes beta palmitate (the dominant fatty acid in breast milk). This complex increases the digestibility of fats, contributes to the normalization of stool, makes the baby’s sleep strong and calm, strengthens bones and prevents microflora imbalance.

– The mixtures are prepared from the milk of snow-white Saanen goats, which are kept in special, very hygienic conditions, receive excellent nutrition and clean running water. That is why milk has a high nutritional value and a pleasant delicate taste that children like.

— Prebiotics GOS and FOS, live bifidobacteria BB-12 (probiotics) help to improve digestion and the formation of immunity and

— Natural oligosaccharides and nucleotides of goat milk.

– Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are added to the mixture, without which it is extremely difficult for the brain and vision to form and develop.

On cow’s milk

The top infant formulas include NAN 1 OPTIPRO.

The mixture includes the following components:

– Optipro protein (designed for healthy growth and development of the child);

– oligosaccharides 2 FL (identical to those found in mother’s milk);

– probiotic BL (responsible for the state of the child’s immune system);

– polyunsaturated fatty acids (as mentioned above, they are necessary for the organs of vision, as well as for the brain).

Whey proteins occupy 70% of the entire mixture, the remaining 30% are reserved for casein. The composition is close to breast milk, although it does not repeat it exactly. The food is enriched with mineral components that have a positive effect on the condition of the baby.


For children who have lactase deficiency, lactose-free mixtures are needed. This is due to the fact that nutrition with a lactose content will not be absorbed by the child, in addition, it can lead to many problems. Among the lactose-free mixtures, Nutrilon Nutricia 1 is worth highlighting. We remind you that lactose-free mixtures are therapeutic mixtures that will be prescribed only by the attending doctor.

This food is based on calcium caseinate, instead of lactose – glucose syrup, which is easily absorbed by the child’s body. The mixture has a good composition:

– glucose syrup;

– vegetable oils;

– calcium caseinate;

– minerals;

– L-cysteine;

– L-carnitine;

– vitamins.


Unfortunately, some newborns face severe digestive problems, in which case standard mixtures are not always suitable, it is more often worth choosing sour-milk ones. In this line, one of the highest quality mixtures is Nutrilac.

The food is intended for babies who have dysbiosis, frequent constipation, colic, and increased gas formation. The mixture improves the condition of the gastrointestinal tract, restores the balance of microflora, and provides a strong immune system. Bifidobacteria and lactobacilli are added to the mixture, as well as fermented protein. These components “unload” the gastrointestinal tract. Also in the composition there is natural milk fat, which improves metabolism, is an excellent source of energy. Added lutein and omega-3s for vision.


If your child is allergic to bovine protein or found to have short bowel syndrome, he needs special nutrition, namely hydrolysate formulas. Many experts in this case recommend Nutrilon Pepti Gastro1. Such mixtures are also prescribed only by a doctor.

Diet food contains hydrolyzed whey proteins, as well as amino acids, which repeat the spectrum of breast milk. The energy value is provided by high-calorie triglycerides, nucleotides are responsible for improving digestion. By the way, this mixture is also suitable for children with lactase deficiency.


If the child is spitting up too often, he should be switched to anti-reflux formula. Now there are a lot of such mixtures, for example, Friso VOM 1.

Due to locust bean gum nutrition helps to neutralize regurgitation, colic and constipation. The mixture is absolutely safe, since the gum is a natural component that is extracted from the carob beans of the Mediterranean acacia. Along with this key component, as well as in all of the above mixtures, fatty acids, nucleotides, prebiotics and beneficial trace elements are added here. The mixture is prescribed only by the attending pediatrician.

For premature children

For premature and underweight babies, a special approach is also required, since such babies have a weaker body. Such mixtures for children are prescribed only by a pediatrician. Pre Nan 1 formula is suitable for premature babies from birth.

It contains 70% whey proteins and 30% casein, so the food is well absorbed by the fragile organism. The spectrum of fatty acids is represented by the following: lenolenic, lenoleic, arachidonic and decosahexaenoic. There are all the necessary minerals and vitamins.

Mixtures for newborns are not just nutrition, they are a significant contribution to the future of the child, since growth and development depend on them. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose exactly what your child needs. Before starting use, you need to consult your pediatrician, who will direct you in the right direction.

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