Top 5 Yoyo Strollers


The Yoyo line is the pride of the French brand Babyzen, which appeared in 2012 with an innovative idea. The company was able to combine compactness and functionality without compromising quality. Their strollers have the easiest folding, the weight does not exceed 6 kg. They are a lifesaver when traveling: with one hand you can assemble Yoyo, with the other you can hold the child.

The manufacturer offers only 5 models of strollers, but each is the best for certain purposes. We reviewed them all, pointing out the pros and cons. When placing the nominees in the rating, the reviews of parents, their wishes and recommendations were taken into account.

Top 5 Best Yoyo Strollers

5 BABYZEN YoYo+ Board


The Babyzen YoYo+ Board is made for walking with multiple babies. It is not a full-fledged stroller, rather a footrest with a seat for a grown child. The manufacturer writes that you no longer have to listen to complaints that someone is tired and does not want to go. The board is attached to all strollers of this company, the baby can travel standing or sitting (depending on age and weight). Transport can withstand riders up to 20 kg, has a solid and reliable design. Like all products of the manufacturer, it folds easily and takes up little space. When the Board is not needed, the product is fastened with straps in several positions. When riding on the seat, the view of the baby is not blocked by anything.

The reviews write that transport helps when shopping with several children. Parents call this decision salvation during long walks. The child can stand or sit, but there are no seat belts. Board is easy to attach, installation takes less than a minute. When both children are traveling in a stroller, it loses maneuverability, it goes around obstacles worse. Board is only compatible with products from this manufacturer. Some parents talk about overpriced, but all Babyzen products are not cheap.

4 BABYZEN YoYo Plus (2 in 1)

BABYZEN YoYo Plus (2 in 1)

Babyzen YoYo Plus (2 in 1) is an updated version of the stroller, which has gained several additional features. The backrest reclines to 140 degrees and is adjustable with a five-point harness. The hood protects the rider from the sun. To monitor the baby, the manufacturer left a silicone window. The stroller folds in one touch, it is convenient to carry it on the shoulder. The whole process takes less than a minute, even a child can handle it. However, the stroller handle is not adjustable. Things can be transported in the basket that is included in the package. It is not very roomy, only for basic accessories. The brake is applied with a light touch, locking the rear axle for a soft stop.

The reviews note convenient transportation and surprisingly compact dimensions, although the unassembled stroller looks massive. She weighs less than 6 kg, she is allowed to pass at the airport. The hood completely covers the face of the child. The fabric is water repellent and machine washable. However, parents are not advised to load the basket to the fullest. The wheels can’t handle the weight and start to rattle. The horizontal handle allows you to control the transport with one hand. It is not very convenient for tall people to roll it, you can touch the lower part with the brake.



Babyzen YoYo 6+ is the best for growing kids. The stroller is suitable for children up to 5 years old, has a spacious seat and a soft mattress. The back is regulated by thongs, it is displayed up to 150 degrees. The hood covers the child completely, and parents watch the rider through the net. Like the Babyzen Yoyo+ 0+ model, which we will discuss below, there is a capacious basket here. However, with the back lowered, it cannot be reached. The stroller has the softest lining. Parents write about simple unfolding: just press the button with one hand. Despite its impressive size, Babyzen YoYo 6+ has an unusually low weight. When folded, it is convenient to carry on the shoulder.

The reviews note the rain cover that comes with the kit. They write that the materials are easily washed. The stroller does not lose its original appearance for many years, which justifies the high cost. Parents agree with the manufacturer, who calls the transport the most convenient for travel. The wheels ride equally well on rocky ground, asphalt and slippery surfaces. However, the back does not recline to the supine position. The basket is large, but things fall out of it. The wheels are small, so you have to lift the front end to get around serious obstacles. At these moments, things fall out of the basket.

2 BABYZEN YoYo+ 0+


The Babyzen YoYo+ 0+ stands out from the competition with a small sleeping unit that replaces the seat. The baby is in a supine position facing the parents. The manufacturer has updated the material, adding water and dirt-repellent properties. It does not fade in the sun and is easy to wash. The block for the child consists of 2 parts: a plastic plate and a fabric hammock. The latter is securely held by straps and a lock. A colored mattress is laid on the bottom. The sun hood completely covers the rider. The frame is made of lightweight durable material. The stroller does not have good shock absorption, it is not suitable for off-road driving. Best of all, the wheels show themselves on asphalt, in shopping centers, on sand.

Parents write about a voluminous basket for things. They mention attachments for additional accessories: cup holder, umbrella, car seat adapters. The main differences of transport are called low weight and compactness, it is passed at the airport. Babyzen YoYo + 0+ can change the color of textiles, the manufacturer offers standard shades to choose from. You can buy wheels, a base with seat belts, an enlarged shopping basket. The frame lasts a long time, the rest of the details change. However, standard equipment is minimal, competitors offer free mattresses and mosquito nets for this price.



Babyzen YoYo is the very first stroller of this manufacturer, which has gained popularity all over the world. It has several differences from competitors: special adapters are installed on the car seat chassis, the maximum wheel load is 18 kg. Both the baby and the grown-up child feel comfortable in it. The manufacturer has installed a multi-position backrest, which is adjustable with straps. The tilt angle is 150 degrees. This stroller has received the best hood: an additional visor completely covers the face and upper body of the child. The fabric has a viewing window and a pocket for small things. The framework is made of the patented reinforced DuPont Zytel material. The 13 cm wheels rotate 360 ​​degrees for a smooth ride and avoid obstacles.

Buyers write that children’s transport cannot be folded with such simplicity as in commercials. You have to hold the stroller with both hands. On the other hand, the mechanism is as simple as possible to use, even a child will understand. The reviews praise the balance of the wheels, which ride equally smoothly on asphalt, sand and the mall. Parents note that children who previously did not like strollers are now looking forward to traveling on Babyzen YoYo. Comes with a shoulder strap for transport.

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