TOP 5 best transforming strollers: rating of universal models


The stroller has to be perfect, period. Most parents think so, and it’s hard to disagree with them. The “ideal” parameters, as a rule, include patency on outdated asphalt, lifting weight to the Nth floor, compact dimensions, fashionable appearance. Among hundreds of models, choosing the best one is not so easy.

Facilitate the task of top models, which included only the most-most transforming strollers. Children’s vehicles from the rating have all the necessary advantages, but they also have differences.

Baby carriages-transformers


Jedo TRIM R-LINE 2 convertible stroller

The charming and functional Jedo TRIM R-LINE 2 deservedly took the first place in the ranking of transforming strollers. The elegant model on soft gel wheels is equipped with a reliable and smooth braking system, so it can be quickly stopped if necessary. For the comfort of the baby, shock absorption is installed on both the front and rear chassis.

Other advantages of the “universal”:

  1. The hood of the cradle is fixed in the desired position with a single button.
  2. The inner upholstery of the cradle is exclusively made of natural materials, it is easy to remove and wash. The outer “skin” repels water and is not blown.
  3. The walking block has five positions of the back, so it can be adjusted to the baby depending on the age.
  4. Removable mudguards are installed on the rear chassis.
  5. With care for parents, the manufacturer added the ability to adjust the height of the handle, so mom and dad can use the “transport” with equal comfort.
  6. The stroller seat has a removable cushion that can be washed.

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X-lander X-PULSE

Stroller-transformer X-lander X-PULSE

Pastel colors in the design of the stroller not only look advantageous, but also do not irritate the baby during a walk. X-lander X-PULSE was created for parents who lead an active lifestyle and love to travel. This is a compact model that can be easily placed in the trunk of a car.

Model Features:

  • simple and reliable system of fastening the cradle with the help of special adapters. The latches work quietly and will not wake up a sleeping baby;
  • the carrying handle is located above the canopy and fastened to it with a zipper, so when moving the cradle will not swing from side to side;
  • for the safety of the child, there is an LED light on the bottom of the frame, which acts as a reflector. Available modes: turn on, turn off, flashing;
  • removable rubber wheels are easy to clean from dirt and debris;
  • The height of the handle is adjustable with telescopic technology, so parents and grandparents can adjust it to their own height.

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Miqilong MI BABY T900

Miqilong MI BABY T900 transforming stroller

A stylish model at an affordable price designed for practical parents. Her patency is one of the best among transforming strollers. The chassis is made of polyurethane, while the front swivel wheels are smaller than the rear non-swivel ones.

Depreciation was installed on all wheels, so even on a bumpy track or uneven asphalt, the baby will not shake. The braking system is at the rear, and the front chassis can be locked to prevent the Miqilong MI BABY T900 from rolling away.

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The stroller folds like a book, and small dimensions allow you to place a children’s vehicle in the trunk of a medium volume. A spacious trunk in the lower part will accommodate children’s things and goods from the supermarket. And if it is not enough, a special bag from the kit will come to the rescue.

Britax GO BIG

Transforming stroller Britax GO BIG

The latest model of the British company combines elegant design and essential functionality. “Universal” in a classic dark gray color is upholstered in soft textiles, and the baby’s mattress is made from hypoallergenic materials.

Other advantages of Britax GO BIG:

  1. The bottom of the cradle is made rigid, which has a beneficial effect on the baby’s spine, helps its proper formation and ensures sound healthy sleep.
  2. The cradle is high, as in previous models of the brand. Therefore, the child in it is closer to the parents.
  3. The diameter of the front wheels is 23 centimeters, so they will cope with the bumps of a country road, and with bumps on an asphalt pavement.
  4. The basket-trunk is not just big. It will withstand up to ten kilograms of things or products. So you don’t have to take an extra bag or backpack to the supermarket.
  5. Removable adapters allow you to install various models of branded cradles on the chassis.
  6. The seat unit can be installed in two positions – facing the parent or facing the road.

It should be noted that the cradle and other removable blocks, except for the stroller, must be purchased separately.

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Chicco Urban Plus Crossover Stroller

Chicco Urban Plus Crossover Stroller

The products of this brand are known and loved by Ukrainian parents. Excellent quality, design in line with fashion trends, maximum comfort in use – all this applies to the Chicco Urban Plus Crossover Stroller.

Model advantages:

  1. The Italian baby weighs only 10.5 kilograms, so it is easy to carry and transport.
  2. The steering of the front wheels can be blocked if there is a rough or bumpy road ahead. This feature will also help out on the slippery floor of the mall.
  3. Shock absorption is installed on each wheel so that the baby does not shake while walking.
  4. The rigid basis for the walking block allows to turn it into a cradle of average rigidity.
  5. Parents of different heights will be helped out by four positions of the handle.
  6. The model can be folded without a chair or with it.
  7. The seat is installed in two positions: facing and back to the road.

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Nuance: textiles for the “transformer” must be purchased separately. But you can choose the color scheme to your taste. Or even a couple – to change depending on the mood.

Popular rating models will appeal to those who appreciate versatility, complemented by a thoughtful and fashionable design. Transforming strollers are suitable for urban and rural roads and will save on the purchase of several vehicles.

It is worth remembering that for the cold season, specimens with a large wheel diameter will be relevant – their patency is higher than small ones. You also need to pay attention to the weight of the model: if the elevator in the house often does not work, you will have to carry both the stroller and the baby on yourself.


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