Top 10 Doll Strollers


What can be called the most popular accessory for dolls? Of course, strollers! Many of them are an exact copy of the models we are used to, which parents buy for their kids.

For the realism of the game, you need a high-quality toy stroller that will be durable and attractive in appearance. Also, these toys help children learn their future social role.

Rating of the best strollers for dolls

10 Polissya Three cats №1 71439

Stroller-cradle Polissya Three cats №1 71439

Introducing a wonderful toy for girls from the Belarusian manufacturer “Polesie”. This is a stroller cradle for dolls, called “Three Cats”. The stroller acquired this name due to its design. It has an image of a cute funny cat. It’s no secret that girls love to play mother-daughter. And in order to take a toy daughter for a walk, you definitely need to have such a stroller. It can carry not only dolls, but also other toys. At the bottom of the stroller there is a basket in which you can put toy products or other necessary things.

You can use this stroller at home or walk with it on the street, take it with you for a walk. You can put a blanket and a pillow in it so that the stroller looks like a real one. You can use this stroller not only in single games. Together with girlfriends, you can come up with various plots for games. The stroller is made of high quality materials. The design is made in three colors. The cradle is made in pale pink, the visor and wheels are pastel purple. Basket and handle bright yellow.

9 Buggy Boom from the Mixy collection

Stroller for Buggy Boom dolls from the Mixy collection

Stroller for dolls 8013 Buggy Boom series Mixy (Mixy) – stylish, functional, with an original design, for a doll size 40cm and a handle height of 62cm, your girl will definitely like it. Thanks to features such as 11 cm wheels, safety system for the child from accidental folding, folding hood – the game with the stroller becomes varied and exciting.

The stroller is made of high-quality and child-safe materials, the frame is made of lightweight metal and makes the structure durable and resistant to damage, the wheels are made of high-quality polymer and plastic, and polyester is used as fabric, which is easy to wash. Thanks to modern materials, the child will be able to take the stroller out of the house on his own, without outside help. The stroller is easy to assemble and does not take up much space, it can be used in winter and summer.

8 Zapf Creation Baby Born cozy (1423490)

Stroller-cradle Zapf Creation Baby Born cozy (1423490)

It’s time to go on business or go for a walk, and baby Born is still sleeping sweetly? No problem! She can be put in a new cozy and bright stroller with a visor, let the doll continue to have good dreams.

Just look at how the stroller looks: it is very colorful, made in pink and blue tones with traced clouds. The cradle is deep enough; The frame of the stroller is very strong and durable.

Give your child the perfect gift in the form of a cozy stroller, the little princess will be delighted, because it’s always nice to get another wonderful accessory for Baby Born and come up with so many new stories.

7 1 TOY Premium

1 TOY Premium

Usually, parents refrain from buying Chinese toys, but we did not find any complaints about the quality of the stroller-cradle from the Chinese brand 1 Toy. This is despite the fact that the Premium model is in high demand and is widely represented in retail chains. Initially, pleasant modern colors attract attention – there are several soft, but at the same time very relevant prints to choose from. The look of the stroller inspires confidence – the wide-spaced large wheels are responsible for the stability of the transport when cornering, the dense material eliminates the risk of accidental damage, and the thick metal arcs of the frame can withstand the weight of a two-year-old child (although he should not be told about this).

A doll up to 50 cm tall is placed in the cradle, and this is actually a record for a toy stroller. The handle, as befits a real stroller, is thrown to the other side, which allows the little mother to tell stories to her child or show the surroundings while walking. At the bottom there is a basket where many other toys are placed, which are necessary for a rich leisure time in the fresh air. With all its impressiveness, the stroller weighs only 2.5 kg, and even a girl under 3 years old can handle it.

6 Melobo / Melogo K0107

Carrycot Melobo / Melogo K0107

An elegant recumbent stroller will be the best vehicle for your favorite doll. The stroller is enchanted by the original frill in the color of the carrycot. The toy transport has a low landing, it is suitable for the smallest girls. 4 large wheels of the same size make the stroller passable and stable. The hood folds up.

5 DeCuevas Carol 85022

Carrycot DeCuevas Carol 85022

It is impossible not to fall in love with this stroller, because it is so elegant and beautiful that girls will proudly roll it in front of them. But even more, little ones will like to put their favorite doll to sleep in a cradle with a soft pillow, cover it from the sun with a textile umbrella and put various accessories in a convenient handbag on the handle.


  • The stroller will allow girls to take their favorite doll for a walk and diversify the plots of entertainment for babies with the participation of a toy.
  • The product is made very realistically: there is a cradle with a soft pillow inside, an adjustable hood and a cover for the legs.
  • The textile upholstery of the cradle with lace inserts, satin bows and decorative embroidery looks especially beautiful.
  • It is very convenient to roll the stroller thanks to the high handle with an anti-slip pad, it also has an elegant handbag that the girl can wear while crying and fold various accessories.
  • The frame of the product is made of durable metal, so it does not bend or deform, and the wheels not only rotate freely, but also overcome any obstacles on the way due to the relief surface.
  • A textile basket for things and toys is fixed under the cradle, and an elegant umbrella is fixed on the side to protect the toys from the sun’s rays.
  • The textile upholstery of the stroller is sewn very carefully, it is made of high quality certified materials, thanks to which the product will serve the girls for a long time.

4 Mary Poppins Lady Mary

Mary Poppins Lady Mary

The more realistic the carriage is made, the more diverse the role-playing games with the doll. The transforming stroller Lady Mary has almost the same functions as my mother: it has a folding hood, a portable cradle, a bag, a trunk, adjustable handles, a footrest and other important details. The doll can be rolled both sitting and lying down, while parents do not need to rearrange the blocks, as in 2 in 1 models, and figure out where to store them.

The stroller is stable, low-speed, the quality of workmanship allows you to transfer it to younger children in almost perfect condition. The coloring is universal, suitable for both girls and boys (psychologists recommend this type of toys for the initial development of paternal feelings), and for very little ones, and older children. In general, this stroller can be called the most versatile in the ranking, and its purchase can be attributed to the most rational.

3 Orion Toys 147

Stroller Orion Toys 147

Carriage for a doll model Orion 147. Bright and unusual carriage for a doll. Girls love to play, imagining themselves as a caring mother. Rolling your favorite doll on the street or at home is a very interesting thing, and if you invite your girlfriends, you can walk in a friendly company. Stroller TM Orion, made of absolutely safe plastic. The product has all the necessary certificates and meets international quality standards. Size – 380x315x500 mm. Please your little princess with such a wonderful gift. Many girls dream of receiving such a stroller as a gift.

2 Happy Baby TWIGLET by Alena Akhmadullina

Stroller for dolls Happy Baby TWIGLET by Alena Akhmadullina

While playing mother-daughter, a little mother needs a stroller for dolls. The stroller is made of practical materials: the frame is made of lightweight metal, which makes the structure durable and resistant to damage, and the fabric used is polyester, which is easy to wash. The stroller is equipped with a three-point seat belt – during walks, the doll will not fall out and will not be lost. Sufficiently light weight of the stroller allows you to play with it at home and take it with you on the street. Now trying on the role of a mother and playing with dolls will become even more interesting!

1 Buggy Boom Infinia (8448)

Transforming stroller Buggy Boom Infinia (8448)

2-in-1 transforming stroller for 8448 Buggy Boom dolls from the Infinia collection is stylish, functional, with the ability to change the configuration from “sleeping” to “sitting”, for a 40 cm doll. Thanks to features such as: removable cradle -carry, mesh basket, safety system against accidental folding, seat belt, adjustable handle for 30-62 cm, adjustable footrest and backrest, foldable hood – the game with the stroller becomes varied and exciting. The stroller is made of high-quality and child-safe materials, the frame is made of lightweight metal and makes the structure durable and resistant to damage, the wheels are made of high-quality polymer and plastic, and polyester is used as fabric, which is easy to wash. Comes in a branded colorful box with a handle.

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