Top 10 Children’s Railways


The sound of wheels, the melodic creak of trains, flashing lights and a ringing horn – the magic of railways. Every child dreamed of playing a famous game as a child, so the first toy railway was created. It was built in Germany in 1835, and since then the popularity of the toy has only grown. In the age of progress, children’s railways have improved beyond recognition.

Made of wood or plastic, they line up in complex and simpler patterns. A variety of models allows you to satisfy any desire. The railroad is the best game for parents to spend time with their children. The exciting process will never get boring and will make the relationship with the baby closer. The most popular manufacturers are: Brio, Woody, Ikea, ELC, Biltema, Plan Toys, VTech, Lego and others. To make it easier to find the right model, we have selected the best children’s railways and placed them in the rankings.

Top 10 Best Children’s Railways

10 PEQUETREN Spanish Railway

PEQUETREN Spanish Railway

The richly detailed set from PEQUETREN will be a great surprise for any child. The train and rails are made of high quality plastic, the path is 6.5 m. Due to the large number of elements, it is very interesting for the child to design the road, developing imagination, hand coordination and fine motor skills. The kit includes: city layout, street lights, tunnels and railroad arrows, rails and wagons, cardboard houses and road signs. Children with great pleasure collect the road, play, put it back in the box and take it out again.

The multifunctional PEQUETREN toy never gets bored. After buying a set, parents often buy more in addition to the series. Customer reviews are the most positive. Many share the joy of spending time together with children, because the railway is large and interesting not only for the younger ones, but also for the older ones. Looks very presentable as a gift.

9 Do City Junior Fenbo

Do City Junior Fenbo

The Do City Junior starter set is recommended for children ages 3 and up, contains many details and is great for developing imagination. Children adore it, because on the one hand it is a road for trains, and on the other – a motorway. The hitch is made in the form of rings with slots and is securely fixed. The set includes a train and a car. Playing with this collection, kids build entire cities and interact with each other with pleasure.

No flaws in use were found. Parents often choose this brand of railway, as it is the best in quality and it can be extended indefinitely. The manufacturer has made sure that other sets fit perfectly with Do City Junior. If you need to choose a railway that combines reliability, safety, convenience and quality, the Fenbo set will perfectly satisfy these needs.

8 RailTrack 2 loops

RailTrack 2 loops

The 2-Loop RailTrack set is great for kids ages 5 to 10. The track includes turns with climbs, and the set itself includes: 3 train cars, 4 racks, sections of the road of various shapes (straight, curved and radial). This is the most realistic model among analogues. Requires AAA batteries to operate, sold separately.

The railroad from HK Industries attracts parents with its safety and ease of assembly. The toy is well suited for fans of radio-controlled trains. All design details are carefully designed and look like real ones. Customers praise the RailTrack for its ergonomics and high quality. With such an exciting toy, young entertainers will be able to come up with many interesting stories. Any children’s room will become an exciting playground, and parents will be able to relax while the children are immersed in the fantasy world.

7 IKEA Lillabu

IKEA Lillabu

The availability of the set does not impair its quality in any way. The railway from the IKEA brand is represented by the following details: 3 multi-colored train cars, a tunnel, bridges, straight and round elements. The advantage of the toy is that it is simple, and the child will be able to focus on the functionality. Cheerful colored trailers are connected to each other with the help of magnets, and children love it very much. The age category of Lillabu is from three to ten years.

The materials from which the toy is made are absolutely environmentally friendly and safe. The tunnel is suitable for most children’s roads for sale. Lillabu is a wonderful constructor that develops the child’s thought process. Customer feedback boils down to the fact that children have become more diligent and show more interest in building from different parts after buying a set. Lillabu also develops fantasy and rarely bothers children. This is the best model in the budget segment.

6 Chuggington Test Site

Chuggington Test Site

Almost every child knows about the sensational cartoon “Chuggington Engine”. The railroad and trains are faithfully recreated in the Chuggington set. Very specific in appearance, they allow the child to completely plunge into the atmosphere of cartoon characters and repeat the incredible stunts of the train. The road is made in an unusual style and rather resembles a regular highway. There are few additional elements in the set, and there are no city ones at all.

Children are delighted with the Chuggington set, but before buying it is worth asking if the kid knows about the cartoon. Those who have ever seen him are in love with the Testing Ground. The playset includes Wilson the Engine, which starts from a stop and speeds down the spiral track through the accelerator, making a dead loop. This is the best and most atmospheric toy for kids who love cartoons.

5 Santa Fe Special Train

Santa Fe Special Train

The Santa Fe Special Train Starter Kit is battery operated. Recommended for children from 3 to 10 years old. The railway is equipped with sections 7 meters long. The maximum driving speed is 5 km/h. It is worth taking care of buying suitable batteries in advance – 2 × C. The train is able to continuously delight the child with the movement for 40 minutes.

Children are delighted with the presence of sound and light effects. Parents note the longevity of using the railway, despite the pampering and carelessness of the kids. The high build quality has been repeatedly confirmed by customer reviews. Santa Fe Special Train is the best and most durable road in the world, the parts of which do not break during assembly. The train goes very fast, but never derails. The set is also notable for the presence of decorative elements.

4 Brio “Safari”

Brio “Safari”

The advantage of the Brio road is that it connects with many components from other manufacturers. If the arsenal already has a railway from IKEA, Woody, Plan Toys, Biltema, then you can easily connect another model with them. The cars of the train are joined by magnets, which provides a strong grip when cornering. There is no detailing of small elements of the train, but this is rather a plus. This road is suitable for two-year-olds, and small details only distract. The set includes figures of a man, a zebra and a weight on a magnet.

The Brio children’s railway is made of quality wood and will serve as a toy for several generations. Children are usually impressed with the monkey that steals the cargo when the engine passes under it. Parents speak only positively about the Brio set.

3 Thomas and his friends Track Master

Thomas and Friends Track Master

The name of the railway from Tomy speaks for itself. It was created based on the animated series with the same name, so children are happy to choose it in the store. Trains are very easy to get on the rails without falling or getting stuck on the way. It is better to start the games of this series from the age of three. The rails fit exactly together and connect quickly. The toy is distinguished by dense plastic and durability of use.

The railroad from the Fisher Price brand is not very big, but neat in appearance. The locomotive runs on two batteries. He does not play music, but for that he moves quickly. Not a single buyer regretted the quality Thomas and Friends toy. Many parents like that kids are able to play on their own for a long time with this set. Children are most pleased with the easy connection of the rails, because they do not have to constantly ask for help from adults.

2 Lego Minecraft Underground (hellish) road

Lego Minecraft Underground (hellish) road

The boys love extreme sports, so the most exciting toy for them is an amazing railroad in a dangerous Lego Minecraft dungeon. The set includes 387 parts. Like many Lego models, this one can be assembled in different ways, which perfectly develops the child’s imagination. The famous Steve figurine is presented only in this set in diamond armor with a pickaxe. There are also figures of a pig-man zombie, a slug and a magma cube. The latter will delight the child, as it increases during jumps.

Any Lego hero fits into a trolley and easily travels along the makeshift rails of the game set. Children are very fond of one simple but interesting mechanism: when the trolley passes by a small magma cube, it bounces twice, which motivates them to pass by again and again. The Lego Minecraft Underground Road toy is not only a favorite activity for children aged 6-12, but also a souvenir collectible story in the future.

1 Vtech


An interesting children’s railway from VTech is perfect for children from 12 months to 3 years old and will become a favorite toy. Each element of the road is interactive and by clicking on any letter, the kid will hear a certain sound. Funny songs and rhymes, the alphabet, the names of animals, geometric shapes and colors – all this helps the baby to get acquainted with the world around him.

The toy contributes to the development of speech, imagination, visual-figurative thinking. It also develops curiosity and motor skills. The set includes a railroad track, a locomotive, passenger figures and other elements. While playing, the child learns to tell the time thanks to a small clock with hands. The VTech rail is economical to use. After 2 minutes of inactivity, it automatically turns off. The box is equipped with a special handle, the fun game is convenient to take with you anywhere.

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