TOP 10 car seats for newborns – choosing the best car seat


The category of car seats marked 0+ is designed for tiny passengers from diapers up to 1.6 years old. Such units are equipped with inserts that repeat the shape of the baby’s back and a handle for quick and easy movement from place to place of the device.

Car seats for newborns

Some varieties of these devices can be used not only on the road, but also at home or on a walk. How exactly? All the secrets, pros and cons, safety test results are described below in the ranking of the best car seats in the category for babies 0+.

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Cybex Cloud Q Linear Side Impact Protection

2 distinctive features of this attribute from a German manufacturer are adjustable (11 positions) backrest and headrest. This allows you to most conveniently arrange the crumbs inside the cradle for the car.

Car seat Cybex Cloud Q

Cybex Cloud Q is equipped with a unique system for protecting a young passenger from possible side impacts – LSP System. Shocks are absorbed thanks to the energy-absorbing housing.

This child restraint took first place in group 0+ in tests conducted by the Stiftung Warentest Institute (Germany). The infant carrier was rated “very good” for safety.

In addition, among the advantages of the attribute, it is worth highlighting:

  1. The ability to install the device horizontally – thanks to this, you can use the unit outside the car, for example, install it at home or in the country for a comfortable rest for the crumbs.
  2. Compatibility with Cybex strollers and other brands – the device is quickly and seamlessly mounted on the chassis of strollers.
  3. The ability to change the position of the headrest – you can choose one of 11 positions, the angle of the seat and the length of the restraining straps will change at the same time. It turns out that the attribute seems to “grow” along with the butuz.

Wide shoulder straps will help secure your child in the seat. They are soft, durable, do not press and do not rub the shoulders of the baby. An additional plus is that there is a visor that protects the baby from the sun and wind. In its price range, this is the best safety and comfort car seat for newborns.

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Avionaut Kite+ with rocking chair option

The device from the Polish brand has an original design with a rounded base, making it convenient to rock the baby outside the car. The body of the unit uses energy-intensive foam material. It has shape memory and allows the little passenger to sit with maximum comfort.

  Avionaut Kite+ Infant Car Seat

In terms of safety, the product complies with UN Directive R44/04, i.e. meets all safety standards for this category of goods.

It is worth choosing and buying Kite+ for several reasons:

  • the presence of a soft removable liner – suitable for very tiny passengers, it has a contoured back and reinforced side parts;
  • magnetic retention of the straps – the technology is called Easy-In and allows you to quickly put the child inside the seat and gently fix it there;
  • the presence of a universal mount for installation on a stroller – the attribute is mounted on the chassis of strollers (for example, Chicco) and allows you to travel without a car without problems.

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An important detail is that the upholstery here is removable, i.е. there will be no problems with cleaning the surface of the cradle: its outer cover can be easily washed. The portable handle changes position within 4 positions. The safety of the baby restraint is certified according to the ECE R44/04 protection standard.

The disadvantage of the device is the lack of height adjustment of the device. For group 0+, this is not critical, it is quite possible to transport crumbs up to 12 months. Otherwise, the design deserves only positive feedback from the owners due to its lightness (3.25 kg) and the presence of a large hood to protect against sunlight.

Cybex Aton Q with Isofix base option

Side impacts in this restraint are not afraid of young passengers. When installing the device together with the Isofix base, you can attach the infant carrier to the seat with one click and remove it just as quickly. At the same time, the structure does not stagger during movement.

  Cybex Aton Q baby car seat

Aton Q holds the record for the number of regalia. He received a mark of 1.6 (meaning “good”) after participating in tests from the Stiftung Warentest Institute in Germany. The unit earned similar marks from ADAC (a European organization specializing in testing child seats), OAMTC (a similar Austrian organization).

And this is not all the advantages of an auto-bed for kids. You can also highlight the following advantages of the device:

  1. Side protection The telescoping system absorbs the force of lateral shocks during turns or sudden stops thanks to the energy-absorbing shell of the structure.
  2. The presence of a soft liner – it helps to turn the device from a chair into a comfortable bed for the crumbs. The back here can drop almost to a horizontal level.
  3. Adjustable headrest (8 positions).

The design is equipped with a plastic handle, the inclination of which can be adjusted at your own discretion. It also serves to detach the Aton Cue from the wheelchair mounting adapter (eg CAM). This unit can be installed on the chassis of strollers manufactured by various brands.

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BeSafe iZi Go with i-Size protection standard

This device is 2 times better than analogues with ECE R44 / 04 certificates and will protect the head and neck of the crumbs. Why? The chair is mounted against the direction of traffic, guaranteeing the maximum level of protection for the crumbs during the trip. The device is mounted on the Isofix base.

BeSafe iZi Go car seat

BiSafe iZi Go has successfully passed security tests from ADAC and Stiftung Warentest, earning “very good”/”good” marks respectively. According to the overall design, the device was also marked as “good”.

There are a lot of advantages in this device, here are a few of them:

  • large ventilated hood with SPF50+;
  • the safety straps are held in place with magnets;
  • the position of the headrest can be changed to positions 1-4;
  • there is an insert that is removed if the baby has already grown;
  • the bowl is deep enough, has an ergonomic shape;
  • The covers are removable and washable at 30°.

There is also a carrying handle that can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also to attach hanging toys for baby’s fun while traveling.

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A small nuance: it will take a little longer to fasten the five-point harnesses than the 3-point models. But such a system provides even better fixation and protection of the child.

Britax-Romer Baby-Safe Plus with 100% side protection

The device has a deep bowl and high enough sides so that the boot is comfortable, and the parents are calm that the child is protected. Thanks to D-SIP technology, side impacts are minimized. It dissipates the impact energy over the entire surface of the device, thereby removing it from the body of the crumbs.

  Britax-Romer Baby-Safe Plus Car Seat

Baby-Safe Plus passed the ADAC safety crash tests “good”. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the holding attribute with the following:

  • lie-flat technology – the angle of the lying position can be adjusted based on the growth of the boot, and the position also changes automatically if you adjust the headrest;
  • 5 point harness – securely fix the child on the seat and help protect him in case of possible collisions (the force of the pushes is distributed evenly at 5 points: 2-shoulders, 2-thighs, 1-between the legs);
  • handle that adjusts quickly – if not needed, it can be quickly folded back by pressing the key on the handle body to move it.

The upholstery of the model marked Plus for transporting babies is made of very durable material. In addition, the fabric is breathable and does not cause redness or rashes on the skin of the crumbs. The cover can be removed and cleaned manually or using an automatic machine (at t up to 30 degrees Celsius).

The symbolic disadvantages include the weight of the device at 4.7 kg: together with the baby, for example, in a warm winter suit, it will be difficult to carry. Otherwise, users have no complaints about the design, comfort and safety of the device.

Concord AIR.SAFE – the lightest car seat

This device can be lifted by both teenagers (for example, older sisters or brothers of crumbs) and adults. AIR.SAFE weighs only 2.9 kg. Also, the device can be easily dismantled and installed on the stroller. In the car, the device is mounted using the Isofix system.

Newborn Car Seat Concord AIR.SAFE

Moms and dads will love to know that this unit has been successfully tested and rated “good” by ADAC and OAMTC for safety. Among the main advantages of the autodevice it is worth highlighting:

  • a shell made of impact-resistant plastic that does not flex with time, does not crack and absorbs energy;
  • soft headrest, its position can be adjusted based on the convenience of the young passenger;
  • the body of the device is equipped with ventilation compartments, and the upholstery is made of breathable material so that the baby does not sweat and feels as comfortable as possible while riding;
  • safety straps here are three-point, wide, equipped with fabric overlays to exclude the possibility of rubbing the baby’s thin skin.

In the rating of “weightless” child car seats 0+, it can be safely assigned first place.

Recaro Guardia with secure latches

The child restraint is equipped with 3-point safety harnesses with soft pads that prevent the straps from twisting or slipping off the child while riding. The headrest of the device is designed using Memory Foam technology and provides maximum comfort for the child when traveling by car.

  Child car seat 0+ Recaro Guardia

There are several features in the device:

  • impact-resistant plastic bowl – endures strong shocks and evenly distributes the load, there are also metal elements for reliability;
  • high sides – provide first-class side protection, upholstered in textiles that do not fade in the sun and are easy to clean if necessary;
  • seat with latex lining – thanks to this, the chair has an anatomical shape and guarantees a comfortable ride.

And a few more pluses – the ability to turn the infant car seat into a walking block for the stroller and the presence of a wide hood to protect against sunlight or raindrops (see photo above). This device is easy and simple to use, all controls are painted in shades that are distinctive from the main one.

A small nuance – for better fixation and stability of the device, it is worth attaching it to the Isofix base, and not just seat belts. In the latter case, it is better to use a protective mat to protect the seat upholstery from possible scratches.

Avionaut Ultralite Isofix with cushioning system

The device marked “ultralight” belongs to the group of super lightweight devices: its weight is only 2.5 kg. It is equipped with Isofix mounts and is mounted on the seat with one click. If the device is installed correctly, then this will be confirmed by a signal – sound or light.

  Car seat Avionaut Ultralite Isofix

The product complies with safety standard R44/04 and withstands shocks from the side by equipping it with additional pads. For the comfort and security of a young passenger in Avionout Ultralite Isofix is ​​responsible for:

  • hood that can be raised / lowered as convenient;
  • 3-point harness to protect the tiny passenger;
  • shock-absorbing pads;
  • liner (removable for washing and cleaning) and comfortable headrest (tilt and height change);
  • cover that can be washed if necessary;
  • upholstery made of durable textile that does not cause redness on the sensitive skin of the child.

The visor for protection from sunlight and raindrops, when not needed, is removed under the zippers at the top of the structure. There is a carrying handle. The infant car seat with the baby can be easily carried in the hands.

Recaro Privia – the most spacious car seat

The Privia carrycot is the most spacious carrycot in its class. It seamlessly fits booties in winter overalls, even a little older than the declared age and larger.

Car seat for newborns Recaro Privia

The product has passed independent tests “very well” from TCS, OAMTC, ADAC. Particular emphasis in the security system of the device was placed on protection against side shocks. The baby is securely fixed in the bowl of the cradle due to the 5-point straps (they do not twist or tangle).

Among the features of the unit it is worth highlighting:

  • SmartFit system – belt sizes are adjusted in one movement;
  • breathable fabric – the baby’s skin will not turn red and there will be no irritation from friction and sweat;
  • simultaneous adjustment – the height of the headrest and the length of the straps change at the same time;
  • anatomical back – eliminates the possibility of curvature of the spine during long journeys.

In order for the product to be used with a stroller, you need to additionally purchase special adapters (for example, for Maxi-Cosi there is a Britax Affinity adapter). Otherwise, the chair is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable and safe movement of the crumbs in vehicles.

BabyHit Primary with improved safety system

The product is equipped with a convenient plastic bowl. It perfectly withstands heavy loads and provides the baby with a comfortable stay inside the cradle due to the soft fabric upholstery. Inside there is a hypoallergenic filler that distributes the energy of shocks throughout the body, protecting the baby from side impacts.

  Car seat for newborns BabyHit Primary

Pros of Primary:

  • high degree of protection against side impacts (rating “good” in terms of safety from ADAC);
  • high-quality plastic bowl, which does not deform and does not crack over time;
  • plastic base reinforced with metal elements for greater strength;
  • can be installed on a stroller (for example, from BabyHit) or carried using a handle with anti-slip pads.

Minus the product – the lack of the possibility of mounting on the Isofix base.

What to choose from the TOP-10?

The main characteristics of car seats from the rating are given below:

Each of the presented specimens has common features – the presence of good performance in crash tests and the possibility of using products not only in cars, but also in conjunction with strollers. Connoisseurs of compact and lightweight devices should pay attention to products from the brand Avionaut, BabyHit, as well as devices with the ultralite prefix. Their weight does not exceed 3 kg, and safety is at the highest level.

Those who like functional and customizable models will definitely like Cybek Cloud or Aton Q with more adjustable headrest and restraint straps. In any case, it is obvious that such devices are needed to ensure the safety of tiny passengers during road trips.


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