Top 10 Car Seats for Kids – Group 1-2 Car Seats Rating


Every parent worries about the safety of their baby while traveling by car. To avoid injury during sudden braking or an accident, it is better to immediately provide your child with a comfortable and functional car seat.

Car seats for children

Such an accessory will help the baby comfortably enjoy the trip, and mom and dad will be able to freely take the child on any trip. The seat is securely fastened in transport, while soft straps firmly hold the baby in emergency situations.
In order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is worth considering in detail the presented rating of 10 popular car seats. The review will suggest important parameters for the purchase, focusing on the characteristics of each model.

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The car seat of the German brand is made using quality materials and components. The seat is designed for small passengers whose height is 76-105 cm (9 months – 4 years). The seat has a soft, pleasant upholstery and seat belts with 5 fixing points, which are securely latched using a large red button in the center. Covers are removable and machine washable. To protect the upholstery of the native car seat from wear and tear, you can separately purchase a protective mat for the RECARO brand car seat.


Among the main advantages of this model:

  • a separate button at the front of the chair that helps to loosen the straps, thereby improving the child’s ride;
  • large elastic sidewalls and a V-shaped headrest that prevent injuries in a side impact with another car;
  • ISOFIX mount for 100% secure installation of the seat on the car seat.

The seat belts and headrest are adjustable in height. This allows you to adjust them according to the growth of the child. The chair can be placed in 4 positions, thereby ensuring maximum comfort for a small passenger.
The addition of I-SIZE to the name of the model indicates compliance with the standard in the field of car seats. The model passed the crash test on the basis of the ADAC organization, receiving a “good” mark for safety in it.


The copy belongs to the segment of group 1, that is, it is suitable for children from 9 months to 4 years (9-18 kg and height 80-105 cm). According to the results of the crash tests, the car seat fully complies with the R44 / 04 safety standard, and also has a “good” rating from the same ADAC organization.


This representative of the TOP has 3 main advantages:

  1. The bowl is made of flexible elastic plastic, which withstands, without breaking, heavy loads upon impact. The removable upholstery consists of a pleasant to the touch material and a soft layer. An insert under a back of an orthopedic form.
  2. The wide sidewalls are specially designed for full side impact protection. They envelop the child, holding him securely in the chair. The backrest and straps are height adjustable.
  3. Branded pads on the seat belts. They limit the jerk of the body forward during sudden braking, while absorbing up to 30% of the impact energy.

The chair is installed on the back seat of the vehicle using a fixed seat belt. There are installation instructions on the side of the case. So that the child is not bored on the road, you can hang a special Nuvita protection with pockets on the back of the front seat, filling them with a constructor or other games.

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This group 1-2 child car seat rating model is for passengers aged 9 months and over. The seat is established in 5 provisions, including recumbent. Fasteners are adjustable in height, which helps to adjust them to the growth of the child.

Maxi-Cosi Tobi car seat

Among the “pluses” of such an accessory for travel:

  • high platformto which the seat is attached. Thanks to this, the small passenger has good visibility and can observe from the window what is happening outside the car while driving.
  • Belt tensioners. They lift the straps up as soon as the latch opens. This greatly facilitates the seating of the baby, because they do not have to be pulled out from under his back.

The bowl is installed on the stationary belts of the machine. The mount securely holds the chair, without backlash or swing, even on uneven roads. Thanks to this, the child can safely have fun with his favorite toy on the road without feeling discomfort, and the trip will be as smooth as in a stroller.

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The model is made in accordance with the R44/04 standard and received a “good” rating in the “Installation” and “Comfort” ratings according to ADAC.


This chair is suitable for children from 1 to 4 years old. The entire structure is made of impact-resistant polystyrene, which will not break even with strong side impacts. Included are belts with a strong fixation and soft pads, the tension level of which can be adjusted.

Car seat BeSafe iZi Comfort X3

Advantages of this model:

  • magnetic inserts on the side of the body to secure the straps when the baby is seated;
  • additional soft insert inside the seat, designed for younger children (removable);
  • rotary handles for quick change of chair tilt, can be fixed in 4 positions, including a comfortable sleeping angle.

The original seat is installed only parallel to the stationary seats of the car. Installation – using the ISOFIX system or stationary belts. In addition, an additional emphasis on the floor is used. This guarantees 100% safety, in accordance with the requirements of the R44/04 standard.


This chair with an unusual design is suitable for children weighing up to 18 kg. The model is equipped with reinforced protection on the sides and a comfortable headrest that securely holds the neck and head if the baby suddenly falls asleep while riding.


The advantages of a car seat are countless:

  • Convenient safety table, which not only prevents you from jerking forward, but is also suitable for feeding, drawing or other children’s entertainment;
  • the side parts of the body are equipped with airbags that absorb the force of impact during side collisions;
  • the headrest has built-in speakers, where a lullaby or music from your favorite cartoon plays for the baby;
  • Additional pocket for MP3 player.

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Under the upholstery is breathable foam, which provides excellent air circulation even on very hot days. In addition, you can protect your baby from the scorching rays by hanging a special ROMER sun shade on the glass. Thanks to them, the child is guaranteed a cozy trip in any weather.
The model took part in crash tests by ADAC, receiving an “excellent” result in the “Comfort” nomination.


The chair meets I-Size safety requirements and is suitable for babies from 6 months. The side impact protection in the BeSafe iZi Modular seat meets the R129 standard, which means it protects your head and shoulders in the event of an accident. Such a removable block is installed on the chair body from the door side, preventing strong vibration during a collision.

  Car seat BeSafe iZi Modular

Among the features of the model:

  • the chair is suitable for installation in any direction, even against the direction of the car;
  • seat dimensions are much wider than analogues + more legroom;
  • mounting on a special base, which minimizes installation errors, giving the model additional support and stability;
  • green indication signals the correct fixing of the car seat in the car;
  • The kit includes a special platform that serves as protection against tipping over.

The chair has belts with 5 fixation points and soft attachments. The height of the belts and head restraints is adjustable with a convenient lever. The kit includes a removable insert for crumbs.


This compact seat is the perfect choice for cars with limited interior space. It is mounted on 2 or 3-point standard belts of the car and is suitable for installation even in the center of the rear seat. This installation style allows you to provide maximum protection for the crumbs during a side impact.

Britax-Romer Eclipse Car Seat

Top reasons to buy this child car seat:

  • TÜV certified, making it suitable for aircraft use;
  • original design and light weight (7 kg) contribute to quick installation;
  • pads on the belts with a soft rubberized base dampen the impact force and keep it from jerking in case of an accident.

The travel accessory comes standard with seat belts and removable upholstery. The structure of the body and auxiliary elements fully complies with the requirements of the European Union standard R44/04. A small “minus” of the model is the lack of a headrest, which can cause some inconvenience for the child while traveling on bumpy roads. Alternatively, you can purchase the Eternal Shield sleep travel kit.
This model is already the third copy of the rating of the best car seats for children from 9 months to 4.5 years, presented by Britax-Romer. How are the instances different?


Comfortable and inexpensive car seat suitable for a child weighing from 9 to 18 kg. The baby is kept in it with the help of seat belts, and reinforced high sides promise high-quality protection in a side push. For the smallest children, a removable lining is provided here, providing a soft landing. Such an accessory is often used in baby carriages and is convenient for the back of the baby.

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Graco Coast Ghilli Car Seat

“Plus” model Graco Coast Ghilli:

  • backrest adjustable (5 positions);
  • non-slip straps;
  • soft velvety upholstery, which can be removed with a damp cloth;
  • deep fit for added protection.

The copy is not equipped with an ISOFIX mount and can only be installed using the vehicle’s seat belts. Detailed instructions on the body help to properly fix the bowl, ensuring that there is no unnecessary vibration and backlash during movement.


The soft car seat is upholstered in suede fabric, which is breathable and pleasant to the touch. The model is suitable for transporting children up to 4 years. The backrest is set in 3 positions, making it convenient to travel in the seat for both the smallest crumbs and older children. The RECARO OPTIA headrest can also be adjusted in 6 positions.


Among the important advantages of the model:

  • Additional Advance Side security system. It is a small lining that snaps off on the body from the side of the car window. In a side collision, such protection dampens up to 70% of the impact energy.
  • The chair is mounted on an ISOFIX mount. The platform is equipped with a reliable emphasis on the floor for better fixation. On the body there is a light indication of the correctness of fasteners.

In the characteristics of the model there is a mark about the ADAC crash tests (ratings “good” in the categories “Comfort” and “Installation”). The comfortable chair has an anatomical fit. All fabric elements can be easily removed for cleaning in the washing machine.


The universal chair is suitable for children from 9 months to 7 years (9-25 kg). The model is standardly equipped with seat belts, the height of which can be adjusted in 4 positions. Children aged 4-7 years old are fastened in the seat with stationary car seat belts. Sitting Heyner Capsula MN3 is mounted only in the direction of the car.

Car seat Heyner Capsula MN3

What is special about this model? According to consumer reviews, the seat got into the rating due to:

  • the rigid frame of the bowl, which provides additional safety in case of an accident;
  • ergonomic armrests for convenient location of children of any age;
  • the ability to adjust the inclination of the infant carrier in 5 positions, including horizontal.

The chair fully complies with the European standard R44/04, which is confirmed by a sticker on the back of the case. In addition, the model received a “good” safety rating from the German organization ADAC.

Tips for choosing the best car seat for kids

To choose the right car seat, you need to follow 4 simple rules:

  1. Take into account the height, weight and age of the baby.
  2. Focus on safety, i.e. see which crash tests the model has passed and what score it has received.
  3. Learn how to install and fasten belts. This will help to avoid installation errors, thereby increasing the protection of the child.
  4. Be sure to pay attention to the presence of head restraints, as well as high sides in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe shoulders and hips.

These universal tips will help you buy a car seat that will reliably protect your baby in any traffic accident.


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