TOP 10 best strollers for newborns. Important qualities of each model


A stroller for a newborn is one of the most necessary accessories for a baby. It is in it that the baby learns the world, walking in the fresh air, which means that the requirements for such a “transport” are increased.

Strollers for the little ones must be safe and comfortable for both the child and the parents. In addition, an important nuance is the protection of the crumbs from environmental influences: gusts of wind, bright sun or rain. Often these moments are provided for by the design of the stroller, but it is worth paying attention to their quality when choosing.

Strollers for newborns

The article discusses the 10 best baby strollers for newborns, indicating the features of each model. Having dealt with the main selection criteria, it will be a matter of a couple of minutes to purchase the perfect “transport” for your baby.

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The Cool SLIDE-3 TOP model is suitable for babies from the first days of birth. This original copy has 2 modules: a cradle and a seat for babies from 6 months. The high seating position of the carrycot prevents it from getting dirty in bad weather and makes it easier for parents to keep an eye on their baby.

Stroller for newborns Cool SLIDE-3 TOP News

4 single wheels are mounted on a durable aluminum frame. The two front ones are smaller and can rotate 360° for better vehicle maneuverability. If necessary, their position is fixed with clamps. The wheels are removable for easy maintenance.

For the safety of the child, the model is equipped with straps with soft plush pads. They are adjustable in length and fasten with a latch. In addition, there is a removable bumper in the front, covered with a material that is pleasant to the touch.

The chair for walks is fixed in both positions: in front of the road and vice versa. Its bottom is lined with a soft double-sided liner made of fabric and fleece.

Advantages of this option:

  • two removable visors (white and colored), which can be changed depending on the mood;
  • the sun visor increases if you simply unzip the zipper at its base;
  • the back is established in 3 provisions;
  • car seat included, which can also be used as a stroller unit.

Complementing the pleasant impression: a large basket, a soft comfortable handle, a raincoat and a bag where baby bottles and a thermos of tea for mom can fit freely.

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ABC Design SALSA 3 Style

The model is equipped with a large protective visor with slots in the form of a window, which makes it easier to observe the baby while walking. The hood is fastened with a zipper and is also easily removed if necessary. Three large single wheels hold a sturdy metal frame with a removable wide carrycot. Comes with a chair for walking with older children.

Stroller for newborns ABC Design SALSA 3 Style Street

The carrycot ABC Design SALSA 3 Style is lined with a soft lining. For the comfort of a small passenger, this mattress has a special elevation in the head area. The entire interior upholstery of the cradle (including the mattress) is removable. You can clean them in the washing machine.

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This stroller has three main advantages:

  1. Mosquito net built into the visor, which will protect the baby from insects and protect from strong winds;
  2. Convenient carrying handle that allows you to take the child into the house without removing it from the cradle;
  3. Ventilation holes in the base of the stroller allow air to circulate, even if the unit is tightly covered with a rain cover.

This model is suitable for children from 9 to 15 kg. The stroller folds quickly, taking up compact space for storage or transport.

The disadvantage of this instance is the installation of a walking block for older children only “facing” the road. In addition, the manufacturers did not equip the model with a bag for things and you need to buy it separately. This thing is universal, which means that the choice of model and brand depends only on the taste preferences of mommy.

Dynamic Cam Up Top

The next modern model is called Cam Dinamico Up Top. It is made in Italy and equipped with 3 blocks:

  1. Carrycot with large hood that folds quietly.
  2. Seat for walking, which is installed in both directions.
  3. Car seat with comfortable insert, high-quality handle and small canopy.

Also the complete set of a carriage includes: a bag, a rain cover, a moisture resistant changing mattress.

Stroller for newborns Cam Dinamico Up Top

A feature of the model is a removable mesh under the hood and a cape for the legs. If desired, they can be unfastened, providing unhindered air ventilation. But on summer evenings, such an accessory will be an excellent protection for the baby from insects.

The light plastic cradle is upholstered inside with hypoallergenic material, the bottom is covered with a soft mattress with slots for seat belts. This option allows you to securely fix the baby, especially when transporting the cradle in a car. Universal straps sold separately.

In the list of advantages:

  • the CAM mount, which, by lightly pressing the large button on the side of the chair, unfastens the cradle from the chassis, helping to easily remove it by the handle;
  • semicircular “legs” are installed at the bottom of the cradle, which allows using it as a cradle for rocking the baby.

Each of the 4 wheels is amortized, 2 rear ones are rubber. The front wheels rotate, but you can fix their position with a special latch.

Graco EVO

The Graco EVO stroller is equipped with 4 wheels, those in the front rotate around their own axis. The light model weighs only 6.5 kg and folds compactly by pressing the latches. The set includes: a module for a newborn and a stroller seat, made of durable moisture-resistant fabric.

The walking module has a comfortable footrest, a bumper made of soft fabric and straps for fastening the baby, which are adjustable in size. The backrest is installed in three versions: from sitting to completely horizontal.

Stroller for newborns Graco EVO Chilli

The cradle is suitable for babies from the first birthday. It has a foldable design for easy storage and transport. The top is “decorated” by a spacious hood, the size of which is adjustable. Such a removable accessory will protect from the sun and strong gusts of wind. You can keep the visor clean with a washing machine or simply wipe the fabric with a damp baby wipe. Along with the stroller comes a warm envelope for the baby and a rain cover.

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Advantages of the model:

  • inflatable rear wheels, which will facilitate patency in sand or mud;
  • a walking chair is installed facing the road and vice versa;
  • attractive design with minimal decor and bright coloring.

The only disadvantage of this “transport” for kids is the non-adjustable height of the handle.

ABC Design 3-TEC

Another stroller for newborns from the presented rating is the ABC Design 3-TEC model. Its distinguishing features are the original shape of the handle and the patented metal frame for the chassis with three wheels. The front double wheel made of polyurethane rotates around its axis.

Stroller for newborns ABC Design 3-TEC Malibu

The stroller has a back with 4 positions, protective belts, a ventilation mesh on the visor and a large footboard with a warmed cape, which are mandatory in such “transport”. The chair is fixed facing the road and vice versa.

The cradle on the visor has a strong handle for transportation. A rigid orthopedic base without linings is designed specifically for the fragile spine of the crumbs. The bottom can be covered with light bedding (VERES LITTLE DONKEY, for example) on especially hot days or a warm towel in winter. At the bottom of the stroller is a wide basket, which will fit not only toys for newborns, but also all purchases.

Model Features:

  • the original cushioning device under the cradle, which ensures a “smooth” ride;
  • brake, pressing which blocks all three wheels at the same time;
  • The impressive dimensions of the stroller are suitable for babies up to 4 years old.

Come back Q

The powerful stroller Retrus AVENIR Q has a reinforced shock-absorbing frame and 4 inflatable rubber wheels. Thanks to them, the model rides smoothly even on stones or uneven roads. A central foot brake is provided to lock the entire chassis.

Stroller for newborns Retrus AVENIR Q

The all-weather stroller is equipped with a chair for walking and a cradle. They are securely fixed on the aluminum frame, guaranteeing the safety of the baby. The chair for walks is equipped with a folding back (4 provisions), a convenient footboard with a cover and a compact peak from the sun. If necessary, you can install a mosquito net or a rain cover that come with the kit.

At the cradle for babies, the walls are upholstered with natural cotton. Such environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material is great for baby’s delicate skin. A coconut mattress is laid at the bottom, which will ensure the anatomically correct position of the child during sleep.

The advantages of this stroller are:

  • non-slip leather handle, easily adjustable in height;
  • the cradle and chair are installed in both directions;
  • the entire interior upholstery is fastened with buttons and can be easily unfastened for cleaning;
  • a wide choice of color palette (8 color solutions within the model).

ABC Design Mamba

The ABC Design Mamba model is designed in a sporty style and will be the best option for young and active parents. The spacious cradle is carried by the handle and can be installed in any direction. At the top there is a viewing window so that mom and baby can see each other. The detachable hood protects the baby from the scorching sun and can be easily unfastened for washing.

Stroller for newborns ABC Design Mamba

The walking chair is covered inside with a soft lining with special holes for the belts that come with the package. In addition, the module is equipped with the usual bumper, lifting footboard, compact visor. The backrest is adjustable in three positions, which provide the most comfortable placement for the child’s back.

Advantages of the model:

  • the possibility of installing a car seat on the axis (ordered separately);
  • wide handle, the slope of which can be changed;
  • a deep basket where purchases and things necessary for a walk (for example, baby diapers) will fit.


Happy parents of twins or twins should pay attention to this copy of the rating of baby strollers for newborns. ABC Design ZOOM is an easy walking option with two chairs that are located in one chain. Blocks can be installed in any direction.

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Stroller for newborns ABC Design ZOOM

The armchairs are upholstered in velvety material. The footrest is adjustable in height. The top of the block is decorated with a voluminous hood with ventilation holes and a sun visor. Both modules have reliable seat belts and soft, removable bumpers. Includes 2 leg covers.

4 wheels are located on a strong aluminum alloy frame. The two front ones can be fixed with special clips. Between the fasteners for the blocks is equipped with a large basket in which the things of both children will fit.

The advantages of such a “transport” for crumbs:

  • the ability to install car seats on the chassis (sold separately);
  • unique mounts that allow you to adjust the height of the modules;
  • suitable for the simultaneous transportation of children of different ages.

Lightweight frame with 4 wheels will support the attachment of the cradle. True, it is not included in the kit, although it is more comfortable for babies up to 6 months.

Dynamic Cam Up Love My Duet

The chassis of the compact Cam Dinamico Up Amore Mio Duetto has a width of 56 cm, which makes it easy to overcome narrow aisles and use the elevator. The modules in the stroller are mounted on advanced clamps. To unfasten them from the frame, just press a special button and the mount will open on its own.

Stroller for newborns Cam Dinamico Up Amore Mio Duetto

The spacious cradle can easily fit a baby up to about 7 months old. A wide hood will protect the baby from scorching rays and prying eyes, and ease of transportation is a reliable handle that is attached in the center of the cradle. The bottom is covered with a soft mattress with a slight elevation in the head area. The entire interior upholstery is made of silk jersey.

In the list of features of the model:

  • the warmed back in the walking module;
  • stylish semicircular visor on the hood;
  • wide armrests for baby’s hands, where you can fix the cup holder;
  • cover on the legs, which quickly transforms into a blanket.

ABC Design Cobra

The latest in the TOP of baby strollers for newborns is the ABC Design Cobra model. Lightweight aluminum frame mounted on 3 wheels of the same size. The front can be fixed or left to rotate for better maneuverability of the stroller.

Stroller for newborns ABC Design Cobra

The set includes a cradle for the little ones (from 0 to 6 months) and a stroller chair (from 6 months to 3 years). The space inside is covered with natural hypoallergenic fabric. A convenient handle is built into the hood for carrying the cradle. The modules are removed from the chassis by lightly pressing the button on the side of the frame.

Model Features:

  • you can fix the front wheel on the telescopic handle of the stroller;
  • Reliable cushioning that makes going up and down steps easier
  • cable brake, which slows down the movement of the wheels before the final stop;
  • a well-thought-out lock fixes the frame when folded, simplifying transportation;
  • large ventilation windows in the hood serve at the same time to monitor the baby.

A rain cover, a bag and a soft cape for the footrest are included with the stroller. Besides, for transportation of diapers or other things of the child the model is equipped with a big basket.

5 main features of the stroller

If we summarize the most important parameters of the 10 considered models, we get the following “picture”:

Choosing the most acceptable option from the list of popular baby strollers for newborns, parents often prefer models with a car seat. In this rating, these are Cam Dinamico Up Top and Cam Dinamico Up Amore Mio from Italy, as well as Cool SLIDE-3 TOP from a Spanish manufacturer. Two more models allow you to install a car seat, but it is not included in the kit.

The remaining copies from the TOP have similar parameters, differing in appearance and price. Here you need to focus on the family budget and personal taste preferences.


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