TOP 10 baby strollers: strollers from the best manufacturers


Article updated: 06/25/2021

The stroller is the first “car” of the child. It fulfills the purpose of a sleeping place, is used for sitting, communicating with mom and other people, objects, learning about the world. Modern products include everything for the baby and mom. With them, you can easily go for a walk, combining it with shopping and making important purchases. Consider the best strollers that will interest young mothers who want to comfortably organize their walks.

ABC Design Pramy Luxe

This transformer model can be used from the birth of a baby up to 3 years. A weight limit of 15 kg can be called sufficient, because many kids at 3 years of age weigh less. When the son or daughter begins to sit more and more often, you can turn them towards you. There is also a position “to the road”, which will allow the little one to get acquainted with the outside world.

Features of ABC Design Pramy Luxe:

  • for a newborn – a cradle with a protective cape and a mattress, which is easily carried with the help of handles, an envelope;
  • fixation of the backrest in 3 positions, including horizontal – so, tired on a walk, the baby will be able to fall asleep;
  • fixation straps with soft pads do not cause inconvenience;
  • wide hood to protect from heat, wind, leg cover, insect net (built-in), basket, rain cover;
  • large wheels that can be removed if necessary.

Suspension with shock absorbers on both axles will provide comfortable motion sickness, even if you plan to travel on uneven, rocky roads.

The weight of the stroller is 14 kg. This is quite a lot, so the model can cause inconvenience when moving up the stairs or entering the elevator. The wheels are non-rotating.

ABC Design Pramy Luxe is a comfortable transforming stroller

Be Cool SLIDE-3 TOP News

It is a 3 in 1 model that can be successfully used from birth to 3 years. This is a brand new product released in 2016. The high seating position will protect the upholstery from dirt and provide a full view so that the child can observe everything that is happening around. Large wheels are maneuverable and ride on any surface. The block for walking is installed in two positions – towards mommy or the outside world.

Other features of Be Cool SLIDE-3 TOP News:

  • lightweight frame (material – aluminum);
  • the walking block has a double liner – if necessary, you can choose a warm (fleece) or summer (fabric) side;
  • safety – non-slip handle, controlled footrest, there is a bumper;
  • for the front wheels, fixation and the ability to turn are provided;
  • the parent can lock both rear wheels at once by using the parking brake.

In the package, in addition to the carry cot and shopping basket, a car seat is provided. The latter is suitable for a child up to 13 kg, can be used in a stroller and car.

Among the shortcomings of the model is the high cost, there is no viewing window. The cradle cannot be transported in a car.

Be Cool SLIDE-3 TOP News - stroller with carrycot and car seat

Dynamic Cam Up Top

This 3 in 1 model is not without reason in the ranking of strollers most often preferred by mothers. This is a premium class model, for the manufacture of which only hypoallergenic materials were used. The front and rear wheels differ in diameter, due to which the device rides smoothly on any surface. Shocks are taken over by innovative shock absorbers. There are no sharp details, protruding corners in the design.

Cam Dinamico Up Top attracts users:

  • large shopping basket, leather handle and dual brake pedal;
  • 4 positions back block for walking;
  • controlled footboard, provided provisions facing and back to the parent;
  • complete set – there is a car seat, a hood against the sun;
  • cradle with three positions for the head, quickly removed thanks to the mobile Quicky System.

Inside the cradle is a bag with a changing mat. It can be transported in a car, it is designed for children weighing up to 10 kg.

Not everyone can afford the model, because of the high price. Of the little things – the lack of a flip handle.

CAM DINAMICO UP TOP - premium stroller

ABC Design SALSA 3 Style Street

Stylish three-wheeled model, designed for a child from birth to 3 years. It attracts attention with the presence of silent wheels in the design and high depreciation rates, providing a comfortable ride on any roads.

Compactness, 4 positions of the block attract numerous buyers of ABC Design SALSA 3 Style Street. Other noteworthy features:

  • Safety is ensured by the presence of a special bumper and fixation straps.
  • The carrycot and walking block are made of water-repellent fabrics.
  • Universal cradle – it can be turned into a carrier, also, in the front pocket there is a mesh against insects, a wide hood with a transparent window is built in.
  • The front wheel is swivel. Thanks to him, the stroller is easy to control, and very easy to block using the brake located in the front.

The model is equipped with adapters for mounting a car seat, a capacious shopping bag.

The weight of 15 kg and the impossibility of turning the walking block to face the parent can be attributed to insignificant shortcomings.

ABC Design SALSA 3 Style Street - comfortable tricycle stroller

Geoby C409-R4LK

This is a stroller type model that is suitable for a baby over 7 months old. Moms of girls will like the design more – the stroller is made in a delicate beige color, with a beautiful floral ornament. Provides a comfortable walk at any time of the year. From winds, frosts and slush, a dense fabric with anti-mud impregnation will reliably protect. Comfort in the winter will provide a removable cover for the legs. The back is reclining, so the product is suitable for sleeping.

Among the features of Geoby C409-R4LK it is worth highlighting:

  • weight 9.5 kg;
  • cast swivel wheels made of pseudorubber;
  • lightweight aluminum frame, shock absorber system;
  • the backrest positions are smoothly adjustable – there are several of them, there is a “lying” option;
  • fabrics are fade resistant.

The stroller has an insect net, a rain cover, a shopping basket.

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The handle of the stroller is not thrown over, and the walking block is placed only in the direction of the road. These qualities are considered standard for a walk, but can create inconvenience during a child’s sleep.

Geoby C409-R4LK - stroller for babies from 7 months

ABC Design 3-TEC

Another versatile option on the list of popular baby strollers. This three-wheeled model is suitable for a newborn, and can be used up to 3-4 years old child (designed for weight up to 15 kg). The 2 in 1 model is suitable for both boys and girls.

ABC Design 3-TEC features include:

  • ballless wheels (material – polyurethane) with ball bearings;
  • rear – double brake;
  • cradle – its back is rigid, and it itself is designed to be carried;
  • fixation of the back in three positions;
  • shock absorbers.

The package is standard. It is worth mentioning that the foot cover can be removed if necessary, and the footboard adjusts to the growth of the crumbs. Mom can control the height of the handle, providing herself with comfortable control.

Among the shortcomings is a lot of weight. In a complete set of a stroller, it reaches 14.8 kg. The model does not have a full “lying” position, the handle does not flip over.

ABC Design 3-TEC - stroller with ballless polyurethane wheels


Option with a walking block and a cradle. It’s a four-wheel stroller that grows with your baby and quickly transforms from sleep-only to touring. The height of the telescopic handle is adjustable – convenient for miniature moms. For safe transportation of the device in transport, it is enough to use a special lock.

ABC Design VIPER 4S is suitable for both boys and girls. 5 advantages of the model:

  1. the backrest tilts in 4 positions;
  2. adjustable height of the protective bumper;
  3. fixed inflatable rubber front and rear wheels on bearings;
  4. foot parking brake;
  5. the possibility of using the chassis under the car seat (purchased separately).

You can use a special adapter adapter to transform the stroller into a block – a cradle fastener. All fabric components are made of water-repellent materials and can be easily removed for washing.

The model has a common drawback – a large weight (16 kg). Without a lift and while driving off-road, it is not easy to handle it.

ABC Design VIPER 4S - stroller with inflatable rubber wheels

BabyHit Rainbow D200

Among the best baby strollers, this one was not accidental. Lightweight, mobile cane with a quality frame and large, cast wheels will be an excellent solution for budget-conscious parents.

This vehicle is also suitable for the off-season. The package is standard. The model is intended for children from six months to 3 years. The back is fixed in 3 positions.

Features of BabyHit Rainbow D200:

  • straps and removable bumper for safety;
  • two wheels in front, and four double wheels in the back;
  • lowered to the bumper hood bathyscaphe;
  • front wheels can be mounted straight and rotated;
  • auto-lock when folded.

After folding, it is enough to use the handle to carry the product. For the entire wheel system, shock absorption is provided.

The main disadvantage can be considered a small warranty period from the manufacturer. It is only 3 months old.

BabyHit Rainbow D200 - Inexpensive cane stroller

Dynamic Cam Up Love My Duet

It is a 2 in 1 modular system with an innovative frame. There is an open suspension system at the front, the wheels turn and lock. The diameter of the wheels mounted at the rear is large, they are inflated, they have a double brake.

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The large cradle has a special car adapter designed to be used as a mount. The cradle is equipped with non-slip handles.

Other features of Cam Dinamico Up Amore Mio Duetto:

  • 4 block positions for walking, the lowest is 160 degrees;
  • the back is insulated, the footrest can be controlled;
  • aluminum frame, chassis, easy to assemble and transport;
  • basket, pockets, elbow pads;
  • thanks to the skids, the cradle is suitable for use when swinging.

The carrycot headrest has 4 positions. You can change the height of the handle, put it in one of three positions.

Of the shortcomings – a lot of weight (12.4 kg), high cost. Unlike many others, the walking block does not turn in the direction of travel.

CAM DINAMICO UP AMORE MIO DUETTO - a stroller with 4 positions of the backrest of the walking block

Chicco Lite Way Top

Another inexpensive walking model in the ranking of baby strollers. It attracts attention with a bright design – the brand line includes options for red, blue, light blue, green, gray. It is enough to choose the favorite shade of the baby, and a good mood is provided.

With this stroller, you can easily go for a walk around the city. Aesthetic appearance is supported by eco-leather inserts.

Advantages of Chicco Lite Way Top:

  • light weight (7.5 kg);
  • maneuverability due to swivel, lockable if necessary wheels;
  • hard spacious back, which is suitable for sleeping;
  • there are soft textile pads on the seat belts;
  • the winter insulated bag-transformer turns into a cover for the legs, optimal for use in autumn and spring.

The stroller will easily fit in the trunk of a car. There is an awning on the visor that protects from the sun.

In the configuration of the model there is no net against insects – there is only a rain cover. The backrest has only 2 positions. These factors can be classified as disadvantages.

Chicco Life Way Top - compact stroller

All models presented in the TOP of baby strollers may appeal to modern moms and dads. Sports, active, traveling, working – everyone, without exception. Strollers are designed for walking with the baby at any time of the year. Universal modules with wide functionality give comfort when the baby:

  1. sleeping;
  2. actively walks, examining the world around;
  3. rides in a car.

Walking sticks are for walking. They are lighter than universal ones, and are bought for older children who can sit.


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