To the 15th anniversary of Lego modular buildings


Next year for the Danish manufacturer brings a new anniversary date – it will be 15 years since the start of production of designers with modular buildings.

For the first time, prefabricated sets of separate construction of the floors of a building with further connection into a single structure appeared on store shelves in 2007. The pioneer of the series was the designer 10182 LEGO Corner Cafe (picture below), which was the largest set ever released in the City series. Before that, prefabricated toys with several thousand parts were only released in Star Wars.

10182 LEGO Corner Cafe

The experiment of the Lego company was met by consumers very kindly, as it opened up great scope for creativity for design lovers. In particular, fans of prefabricated toys, if desired, could purchase two sets in order to build a cafe from the parts in a 2-fold increase in size.

Since then, only 16 “modular” designers have seen the light. Due to the fact that they were originally produced using the same assembly technology, fans of the new buildings were already able to build a real town out of them from large buildings.

And recently, on the Western Internet sites of lovers of the “world of cubes”, there were reports that Lego was specially preparing the release of a whole collection of modular buildings for the anniversary date. What it will be – there is no reliable data. The Promobricks blog reports that it will be a 3-story modular building consisting of a hotel and an art gallery. However, this information about the new product is distributed so far only at the level of assumptions – there are no official confirmations, as well as denials, yet.


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