The Viking Village project got a second chance

Lego employees conducted another survey among visitors to the LEGO Ideas website in honor of the 90th anniversary. The purpose of this survey was to give rejected copyright projects another chance to be published.

This time, 3 author’s projects were offered to the attention of the fans, which had previously passed the qualifying stage of the idea contest and got into the review, but then were rejected by the manufacturer’s designers. Thus, the “brick” models “Viking Village”, “Operating mini-golf course” and “Sea Life” really got a unique chance to succeed. Moreover, fans of construction were given the right to immediately name the model that will become the branded Lego constructor.

As a result of additional voting, the work “Viking Village” from a construction fan under the nickname BrickHammer received more points. Over 16 thousand fans of the “world of cubes” voted for him. At the same time, the gap from the second applicant was more than 5 thousand votes. That is, the victory was very convincing.

It is appropriate to recall that for the first time the “Viking Village” on the site LEGO Ideas introduced over two years ago. Then she scored the coveted 10,000 user votes and got into the review of ideas Lego at the end of 2020. However, the leading designers of the Danish manufacturer rejected the project, preferring another model. Now, potential consumers have again expressed their opinion in favor of the rejected project.

Therefore, the Danish company will be forced to release an appropriate branded set. True, it will take a long time to wait for it – usually successful author’s projects materialize as separate designers only one and a half to two years after the approval of the idea. Also, various changes and improvements are made to the project. But the fact remains that the Viking Village set will be included in the collection Lego!

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