The Travel Suitcase enters the LEGO Idea Contest

Rafael Ponce de Leon Martos, aka in the world LEGO Ideas participant of the competition under the nickname Brick Dangerous, offered the visitors of the site his “Travel suitcase”. A very original author’s project was liked by many design fans. That’s why 10,000 people voted for this original work to be among the participants in the third Lego Ideas Review 2022, which, according to preliminary information, will take place no earlier than January 2023.

The design idea came to Rafael not by chance. Returning from travels, he always brings numerous souvenirs from the places he visited during his tourist trip. Although souvenirs are quickly forgotten, simple stickers on the travel suitcase continue to remind of what they saw and experienced. This is the spirit he tried to convey in his unique project of cubes.

It took a total of 1780 parts to translate the original idea into a real “brick” model. Lego. As a result, it turned out to create a reduced copy of a classic suitcase with approximate dimensions of 32/24/13 centimeters. Externally, the model looks amazing! Its lid is pasted over with commemorative pictures depicting the sights of Paris, New York, and London. There are souvenir shots from Italy, Spain and India.

A Lego fan submitted a set with a unique travel suitcase for the competition

But the real surprise awaits the owner of the set inside the “brick” suitcase. Here Raphael presented a diorama with a recreation of one of the places that will be remembered from many travels. Here, near a high mountain range, a balloon with two passengers rises into the sky, who decided to admire the beauty of the surroundings from a bird’s eye view. And below, across the bridge next to the mountain, a freight train rushes by – apparently transporting rocks mined in a local quarry to a processing plant.

Even lower in the structure, a real world of dreams arises. There is a town surrounded by greenery with one-story houses. On the territory of the settlement on the right, the walls of a huge medieval castle stand out – it even has a bridge in front of the main entrance that is still working. On the opposite side of the town there is a large lake, into which a river flows from under the castle. Yachts sail on the water surface – a bewitching sight!

The author of the project does not specify which city this diorama is dedicated to. Most likely it is a collective image. Although it can be assumed that various ancient cities of Italy became the prototypes.

A Lego fan submitted a set with a unique travel suitcase for the competition

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