The theme of space will be continued by a new set with a unique lunar base


The official online store “Lego” announced at the beginning of 2022 the opening of sales for another 5 new sets in the “City” line. Another selection covers the urban theme with a wide variety of models. It displays the classic police, and the fire brigade, and the hospital, and the school. However, the greatest interest among construction fans was caused by a set with a space story presented in the constructor. 60350 LEGO CITY Lunar Research Base.

According to most commentators, this novelty continues and expands on the theme that a large set of 60351 LEGO CITY Rocket Launch Center, based on the real prototype – the US Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The only difference between the toy under discussion is that it demonstrates a base that does not exist in reality. So far, it is only in the plans of the developers of NASA’s lunar program “Artemis”, the implementation of which is scheduled until 2025. Nevertheless, there is no doubt about the reliability of the combined project, because the Danish company has long established partnerships with NASA.

The play set includes a domed research station with related equipment and instruments inside. In addition, models of unmanned aerial vehicles and moon rovers are presented. It is with the help of them that the lunar surface will be surveyed, soil samples and other fragments of interest to scientists will be delivered to the main base. Of course, the package includes a space rocket with a stationary launch pad that provides transport links with the Earth.

The presence of five miniature figures of astronauts in the set will make the game location quite lively. Two of the characters will work inside the station, while the rest will have to put on spacesuits and go with a metal detector or using lunar technology to collect materials for examination.

60350 LEGO CITY Lunar Research Base


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