The Ski Chalet project was reviewed at the Lego Idea Contest

The 23rd model who passed the selection among site visitors LEGO Ideasbecame the Ski Chalet project. In the fall, the work will be reviewed by experienced company experts as part of the second 2022 Idea Review.

The author of this project is Canadian Jason Alleman, whom construction fans have known for at least ten years. He has already successfully shown himself several times in contests of ideas. The latest model shows him as a person who loves outdoor activities very much, which is why his “brick” design turned out to be so realistic. It can be seen that an artist worked on it, having experienced all the delights of staying at a winter ski base.

Construction fans choose active recreation even in play sets!

According to the author’s idea, 13 winter sports enthusiasts gathered in a toy amusement park. They have everything you need to enjoy your holiday. First of all, they can use the lift and climb to the top of the mountain slope, and from there ski down. At the same time, in the toy it is not just a working “elevator”, but a device for real transportation of miniature figures of vacationers.

However, some characters act as extreme athletes. So, according to the plot of the “brick” story, two daredevils decided to take advantage of the heavy snowfall and turned the roof of the cottage into a springboard for descending on a sleigh. The main thing is that they should try not to miss and land on a snowy hill erected below.

Construction fans choose active recreation even in play sets!

It is clear that after steep skiing, snowball fights and other delights of a “snowy” holiday, it is nice to warm up with hot coffee or tea. For such a break, a wooden table with benches was placed in front of the house.

In addition, the entire cottage is at the disposal of vacationers. Inside the house, for example, you can dry clothes that are wet from snow. Also enjoy the aroma of a hot coffee drink while sitting in a cozy chair in front of a ceiling TV screen near a burning fireplace.

In general, a vacation in a winter chalet promises to remain in your memories as a pleasant event, because everything here is organized according to the highest category.

Construction fans choose active recreation even in play sets!

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