The release of a new space set “Lego” is expected


Construction fans remember well 2019, which in the “world of cubes” became truly “cosmic”. Then the Lego company presented 9 thematic constructors, among them a set 60228 LEGO City Space Rocket and Launch Control Room. And now, after 2 years, information appeared that the Danish manufacturer intends to return to the topic. If you believe the recent message brick_clicker on Instagram, then in 2022 the constructor will be released 60351 LEGO City Rocket Launcher with an exclusive model. It will most likely be based on the original NASA design (pictured), since Lego worked in close partnership with NASA specialists in developing the projects mentioned at the beginning.

The new set is also expected to cost $169.99, meaning it will be significantly more expensive than the $99.99 ’19 construction set. Such a difference in price gave commentators reason to assume that the novelty will reflect a larger and more detailed launch pad.

Some fans are linking the news of the new set to NASA’s upcoming Artemis I mission, which will see the minifigures actually fly into space for the first time in history. By the way, now it is specified that there will be not two toy Lego astronauts, as previously reported, but four.

Thus, there are more than enough reasons to believe in the possibility of releasing the new 60351 LEGO City Rocket Launcher. Well, let’s wait for March.


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