The rally car reached the finals of the Lego ideas contest


Consideration of projects proposed by fans of construction, which are on the site LEGO Ideas received the support of visitors in the amount of 10 thousand votes, it is planned to start in May this year. In the meantime, the selection of the most interesting ideas continues, the abundance of which already amazes fans and Lego experts.

The other day the coveted “top ten” was overcome by the project “Rally car Lumik Lancia Delta Interale 16V (1990)”. It is noteworthy that it took him about 2.5 years to do this. It will become 22 ideas that will be considered at the first stage of the review by specialists and designers from the Danish Lego company for the prospect of the project becoming a real designer.

The idea is based on a toy model Lancia Delta is a well-known road and rally car that won 6 FIA World Championships in a row between 1987 and 1992. This car, as confirmed by the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the brand, has many admirers. Therefore, it is quite possible that the release of the designer with a detailed copy of the legendary car would be received with a bang.

It is also assumed that the toy Lancia Delta will be equipped with electric motors and a remote control. This important addition only adds to the attractiveness of the presented model.

The assembly toy promises to be interesting for collectors. Because its construction faithfully reproduces details from the original rally in the form of: red flaps, instruments, pedals, mirrors, sun visors, air intakes and many stickers. All this helped to create an amazingly realistic copy of a real car.


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