The project “Night at the Museum” was reviewed at the competition of ideas “Lego”

The author’s project “Night at the Museum: Open the Doors Again” collected the necessary 10,000 votes on the website LEGO Ideas. He will now participate in the second 2022 Idea Review.

The author of the project “Night at the Museum: Open the Doors Again” is a construction fan under the nickname CARLIERTI. He built his model on the basis of the famous film “Night at the Museum” with Ben Stiller in the title role. It would seem that the topic for the world of designers is not new – there used to be official designers of the Danish manufacturer. However, site visitors voted for the author’s idea.

What got their attention? Let’s try to figure this out. To do this, first of all, let’s recall the main plot of the film: a janitor at the New York Museum of Natural History discovers that museum exhibits come to life at night.

The author's project

It should be noted that the author of the project seems to have decided to match the line of the screen narrative as much as possible. Therefore, his assembled model first shows the Natural History Museum from the outside.

Along with the majestic architectural structure with tall columns, the entrance complex also reflects part of the surrounding area. In the project, you can see a monument – a rider on a horse and a green tree near the wall of the building. This was done, apparently, in order for users to see and recognize the scene.

However, the main surprise awaits inside this beautiful building. The rear walls of the building move apart, after which an excellent view of the museum hall opens. Please note: the famous exhibits are located exactly in the places where they were in the original film – from a conspicuous globe to the most eye-catching Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.The author's project

Central to the minifigures are the protagonist of the story, Larry the watchman, his boss Mafi, as well as the curator and humanoid mannequins. The owner of the game model will have the opportunity to play scenes with the participation of Teddy Roosevelt, Sacagawei, the Mummy of Pharaoh Ahmenra and many other characters in the film.

Thus, we can conclude that the successful selection of this project by site visitors LEGO Ideas was the exact reproduction and incredible detail in the “brick” model of the highlights and characters of the film “Night at the Museum”.

The author's project

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