The price of “Thor’s Hammer” from “Lego” surprised the fans


Good news about the appearance in sales of the official Lego online store of the long-awaited designer 76209 LEGO Marvel Thor’s Hammer somewhat overshadowed its value. Rumors have been confirmed that a replica of Mjolnir will be one of the most expensive props in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The set will be available in the UK for £104.99, in Europe for €119.99 and in the Americas for $99.99. This is approximately 7650 rubles – in Russian rubles. As a result, many design fans found themselves, as they say, between the “hammer of Thor” and the “anvil of financial opportunities.”

But what, then, does the manufacturer offer such an exclusive for such money? Let’s figure it out. Let’s start with the fact that the designer is designed specifically for adults, as indicated by the standard mark on the branded box “18+”. It consists of 979 parts and allows you to assemble a collectible model of Thor’s hammer. At the same time, a copy of the superhero’s magical and at the same time destructive weapon turns out to be almost life-size: the height will be more than 46 cm, the width will be more than 29 cm. The fairly impressive size of the toy and the presence of a demonstration stand with an information plate will make the hammer an attractive exhibit, both for home and for office.

Plus, a large copy of Mjolnir is equipped with a secret niche with a lid, in which you can find a miniature figure of Thor with a hammer in his hand. It also houses a kind of mini-exhibit with three other items from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, no less famous to fans: the Infinity Gauntlet, the Tesseract and the Fire of Odin.

In general constructor 76209 LEGO Marvel Thor’s Hammer generates increased interest. And this is not surprising, because it presents the best copy of the famous Mjolnir. Many Marvel fans will want to own a buildable model despite the high cost. If only because this hammer is a very prominent “character” in 23 films of the Infinity saga.

76209 LEGO Marvel Thor's Hammer


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