The price of LEGO Star Wars 2022 will be high

The most expensive LEGO Star Wars 2022 set will appear in the fall

The network has spread the information that in the autumn the Danish manufacturer will release the most expensive constructor of 2022 in the popular Star Wars line. They will be a set of article 75331 with an example title “Razor blade”. It is known that from its parts it will be possible to build a large model of one of the famous gunboats of the Galactic Empire.

A warship under this name has consistently appeared from the first to the fourteenth chapter of the story. Star Wars: The Mandalorian. According to the film, it belongs to the famous bounty hunter Dean Djarin. The Mandalorian converted this space craft, previously used to patrol the Empire’s galactic space, into an accommodation vehicle. He just wanted to make himself comfortable while hunting fugitives in the Outer Rim.

Youtuber Republic Studs shared the news about the upcoming release of a set with a copy of Razor’s Edge with construction fans. True, apart from the kit number and approximate name, no details on the number of parts and the presence of minifigures are reported. Meanwhile, most commentators rely on the accuracy of the information. And thematic bloggers advise Mandalorian fans to start saving money in advance to buy a grand novelty, because it is expected to cost 529.99 euros (approximately 37680 rubles).


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