The Orient Express set entered a new stage of the Lego competition


To the first review LEGO Ideas 2022 the cherished ticket was received by the original project of the Frenchman under the nickname LEt.sGOalso known as Thomas Lyon. His model “Orient Express, the legendary train”, having received 10,000 votes in his favor, became the 30th candidate among the finalists of the open competition.

It should be noted that the author received support on the second attempt. He proposed the first version of the Orient Express in January 2021. But then the idea was rejected due to the fact that the set consisted of 5000 parts, which exceeded the allowable limit. After that, Thomas redesigned the model, reducing the number of building “bricks” to 3000, and in mid-April put an updated version of the train for review by fans of the “world of cubes”. After 331 days, the project received the required 10,000 votes.

The prefabricated model of the “Orient Express” is a train set of the late 19th – early 20th centuries. It consists of a locomotive, a tender and a passenger car. Initially, the 130 cm copy of the vehicle is not intended for the game, as it is a collector’s item of the historical train. And a fragment of the railway track on which it is installed plays the role of a demonstration stand.

Everything shows that this “Orient Express” will be of more interest to collectors. Moreover, the model of the “king of trains” reproduces the image of its real prototype as accurately as possible and in the smallest detail. At least, looking at it, you involuntarily recall the movie “Murder on the Orient Express”.

Pictured: a real Orient Express.

Pictured: a real Orient Express.

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