The most interesting devices on the Android platform

I remember that Android did not promise any prospects in the future, but everyone was wrong, and now it has conquered not only mobile devices, but also …


Android managed to spread not only to tablets and smartphones, watches and TVs. Refrigerators have also made progress. Now Samsung is unveiling its first Android refrigerator, and you can get it if you have just $3,700 in your wallet. There is a tablet on one of the refrigerator doors. It has all the most “delicious” features: wi-fi, clock, weather, it will even show photos from the Picasa gallery. And all this displays LCD display.


Unfortunately, the Ford E-Bike is only a concept to date. This device has a built-in electric motor, it is also convenient to use and lightweight. If you attach your Android smartphone to the steering wheel, then you can easily find out data on speed and movement, etc. The idea of ​​u200bu200bthis bike is that a person, due to an additional engine, can easily turn the pedals at any slope.


Wouldn’t you turn down a $4,500 oven? We are talking about Discovery Dacor IQ. It is stuffed with a Samsung processor with 512 MB of RAM and a power of 1 GHz, wi-fi (of course, where without it) and a 7-inch LCD display.


Android will help you make your car trip more interesting, comfortable and easy. Renault R-Link is the first step towards mass production of cars. It will be equipped with a 7-inch tablet, guess on which base?

Coffee machine

Another concept, but, nevertheless, it still deserves a line in our list. The QR code is in coffee capsules, when the code is read, the device plays the corresponding music.

desk phone

Our world is filled with touch screens, and now they are used even in desktop phones. Agree, it would be unacceptable to somehow not let the idea of ​​​​using the “sensor” in home phones. Such devices are just what the modern user needs. There is everything: integration with applications, ease of use …


Our list is completed by the most interesting “device” in our opinion – a robot. Everyone would probably like to have a personal robot running Android. The public’s favorite is the Arduinoid Mk I. Please love and favor. However, most likely, it will not reach commercial distribution. Sorry, I would like to.

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