The Marvel line will have its own series of modular buildings


The Marvel line will have its own series of modular buildings

Construction fans are talking about the constructor again 76178 LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle Editionwhich came out last year. The reason for this was the rapid spread of rumors on the Internet that the line “Marvel” will receive its own series of modular buildings. They will be united not only by the assembly technology, but also by the architectural design style. Commentators believe that the set mentioned above was the first sign of such novelties.

This possibility is indicated by the fact that “similar specialization” has already been practically implemented in the designers of another equally popular Ninjago series. Examples include 70620 LEGO NINJAGO Ninjago City Modular Buildings, 70657 LEGO NINJAGO Ninjago City Port and 71741 LEGO NINJAGO Ninjago City Gardens Modular Buildings.

And then there was information that in May or June the designer 76218 LEGO Marvel The Sanctum Sanctorum, or in the translation “Holy of Holies” will be released. The kit will include 2708 building blocks. The price of the set is $210 (15,900 rubles). This is all that is known at the moment. To what extent the new model will correspond to the architectural structure from the designer 76178 LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle Edition not known yet. Construction fans can only wait for news and the release of an exciting set.



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