The LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts and Thestral Carriage set is out

The smallest set in the summer wave released 76400 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Carriage and Thestral caused a completely mixed assessment among fans of the Danish brand. Although it was originally aimed at a children’s audience, adult fans of the popular series of construction sets could not ignore it. For this audience, everything related to their favorite topic is interesting. Therefore, mainly adult users expressed their opinion about the novelty.

In general, most reviewers agreed that this buildable set should be classified as a so-called “battle pack” – a set in which the main focus is on minifigures. And everything else in it serves only as a kind of decorative filling. Therefore, a small tree turns out so awkward. In general, many commentators notice that the owners of all the “brick” editions of Harry Potter have long had the opportunity to collect a small grove of such ugly trees.

The new Hogwarts Carriage and Thestral set made absolutely polar impressions

With a bunch of holes and strange proportions, the main model of the constructor is obtained – a carriage. She rides on wheels, but they don’t turn. The seats located in front of the wagon are designed for two people, but in fact it is not possible to comfortably seat two minifigures on them, as they interfere with each other with their arms and shoulders.

However, it just looks more thoughtful and detailed. There was even a place for the magazines “Negotiator” in it – behind the driver’s seat. There is enough space in the carriage to transport several students at the same time. The suspension, steps, carriage doors, as well as decorations and beautiful coloring of the elements give the model a very attractive appearance.

And yet, it is hard to imagine that this set can be harmoniously combined with any previous game location of the series. Only miniature figures of characters in the set can count on this. By the way, they should be of interest to collectors, as in many ways they are novelties. For example, Harry Potter and his companion Luna appear with original torsos. Plus, the heroine has a unique handbag for the thematic line.

Well, the main lure for collectors of rare minifigures will be Baby Thestral – this beautiful foal was created for the first time in modular toys, moreover, specifically for the considered set. The large Thestral also appears in an updated image – with such wings, it is not found in the “world of cubes” in any constructor.

The new Hogwarts Carriage and Thestral set made absolutely polar impressions

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