The LEGO Creator lineup has been expanded with a new 3-in-1 set


The Danish company recently officially unveiled a new set 31129 LEGO Creator Majestic Tiger, which comes out in early 2022. The creators of the 3 in 1 play set invite children to go with the constructor’s characters to tropical forests or a forest lake to get to know their inhabitants.

The main assembly will be a figurine of a huge striped tiger, which wanders among green plants in search of prey. The assembled 35-cm predator against the backdrop of a tropical diorama will look really majestic. The futuristic figure well reflects the image of a real representative of the animal world, especially the color scheme of six. The tiger turns out to be “mobile” thanks to the “articulated” legs and paws. The predator is able to turn its head and open its mouth, showing its sharp teeth and fangs, wag its long tail.

If the child wants to become the owner of another animal, then he will have 2 more assembly options at his disposal. You can disassemble the figurine of the majestic tiger and assemble:

  • the red panda who loves to feast on bamboo and sleep on the branches of tall trees;
  • create an image of a koi carp that lives in the depths of a forest lake.

However, the game kit does not strictly limit only these possibilities. The young owner of the designer with a developed imagination can easily assemble any other representative of the animal world from plastic parts. So the final choice will be his.

31129 LEGO Creator Majestic Tiger


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