The idea of ​​Asterix’s house entered the Lego contest


The third stage of the review of new Lego ideas, which will be held in early 2022, promises to be extremely interesting. First of all, this idea is prompted by the fact that the necessary 10 thousand votes of supporters received the most diverse ideas of design fans in terms of topics. Moreover, author’s projects are presented, both by fans from Western countries and Eastern ones.

One of the latest projects that passed the preliminary selection by open voting was the work of the participant of the Ganpath Kelt idea contest. They are presented with a toy model of the house of Asterix the Gallus. From the title you can understand that this work is based on a very popular comic book series in Belgium and France, created by the late artists René Goscinni and Albert Uderzo. The prefabricated structure demonstrates the façade of the world-famous dwelling of Asterix the Gallus. On the reverse side, the model has an open structure with a demonstration of the interior of the living space.

The author’s set includes 7 miniature figures of comic book characters. Among them, a close friend of the protagonist of the story, Obelix, the Potions Druid Panoramix, as well as three pesky Roman invaders. The last characters in the plot of the game constructor will try to ruin the life of all Gallic friends and neighbors.

model of the house of Asterix the Gallus


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