The idea of ​​a kit with a cabin of a Boeing aircraft made it to the final


The idea of ​​releasing a kit with a Boeing cockpit was supported by 10,000 construction fans

Sets with vehicles always attract the attention of fans of the “world of cubes”. It is not surprising that in the open competition of ideas LEGO constructors with similar copyright themes are offered in large numbers. But such an excessive abundance of proposals generally leads to a negative result: due to intense competition, the vast majority of fan ideas remain at the level of “paper” projects. Only original ideas receive the support of a competent jury. From these positions, the set with a copy of the cockpit of the Boeing 747, proposed by the participant under the nickname DarrenJones, had every chance to pass the selection. At least at the first stage, the idea gained the necessary 10 thousand votes of support and moved to the stage of review by the Danish company’s specialists.

Author Darren Jones proposes a project to recreate a toy copies of the pilot’s cockpit “Boeing”. In his work, he used advanced Lego elements and technologies, which gave him the opportunity to reflect in detail the interior arrangement of the main flight control center of a passenger liner. The model is particularly realistic due to the accurate display of the panel with measuring instruments and displays, the presence of two steering wheels and two seats for the first and second pilots. Although not everything here is done in the correct ratio of sizes to the prototype, in general, the detailing perfectly reflects the design of the pilot’s cockpit.

The idea of ​​releasing a kit with a Boeing cockpit was supported by 10,000 construction fans



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