The fishing project was reviewed by Lego experts

Participants of the open competition LEGO Ideas continue to win the sympathy of design fans, offering models on the theme of the Middle Ages. The theme continues to be popular, as evidenced by the support for the “Fishing in Dirty Waters” project by Ralf Langer from Cologne.

It should be noted that this is not the only work that received 10,000 votes. Now the fan is waiting for the verdict of the competent jury Lego on three of his previous projects: “Land of Ahoy”, “Hanging Flowers” and “Life on the Edge”. So while the review is underway, he continues to create and bring to the court of lovers of the “world of cubes” emerging ideas.

In the new model, he proposes to recreate a medieval landscape on the banks of a dirty river that flows between a high round tower and a residential building. The buildings are connected by an arch, under which a minifigure with a fishing rod sits.

The foundation of these buildings is stone, but, starting from the second level, both the tower and the dwelling house are wooden. It can be seen from everything that the tower is abandoned, as some kind of plant has grown on the observation deck. The realism of the setting is given by tall branched trees next to the buildings.

The model is purely demonstrative, as it reflects the tower and the house only from the outside against the backdrop of a specific landscape. It has almost no gaming features. Nevertheless, the toy turns out to be very attractive in size: the length is about 45 cm, the width is about 28 cm and the height is 30 cm.

10,000 fans voted for Fishing in Dirty Waters in Lego Contest

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